Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day-and Lily's Dr. appt.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hopefully you're spending it with someone you love or just like :)

AJ had his Junk-Away Letip meeting this morning, and when he came home brought me some tulips and a valentine's balloon. So sweet! Then for lunch we were gonna get some food and bring it back for a 'picnic', but he had a meeting he ended up needing to go to. He did make us lunch (pizza pocket, salad, and cookies) and spread a blanket down on the floor of our living room for our 'picnic'. Did I marry a great guy or what? :) Then to Lily's appt. we went. The poor girl got 2 shots and screamed and was shaking from madness. I hate those appts. She's this poor, helpless little baby who doesn't know what's going on, then all of a sudden, PAIN! She's actually doing great right now, is happy, and we just put her down for a nap. The only side effect though, is a possible rash that could cover her body and not show up for a week! Hopefully that won't happen! I emailed most of you her 'stats', but I'll quickyl post them for those who care, or don't care for that matter! She weighs 20 pounds and in the 40% for weight, and the 90% for height-taking after her daddy! Her doc. was "concerned" that she doesn't crawl or walk, but he'll see her again at 15 months for more shots-yay- and to check on her. I think she'll either be walking by then or super close! She does great holding our hands and is getting quite fast at it. We just need her to do it on her own. But he liked that she can stand on her own for a bit. She'll walk when she's good and ready :)

Well, that's all about our day. And it's only 3:30! AJ has easter practice tonight at church, so no fancy dinner plans for us! Maybe Lily and I will make a trip to the store to buy some food and last minute stuff for her party on Saturday! Lots for me to do to get ready for that! Tomorrow will be a busy day! Thanks for reading :)