Monday, February 11, 2008

Stranger Anxiety!!

Well my friends, the time has come for Lily to HATE strangers! It's bad news! I've got a story to hang in there with me :) Last week AJ, Lily, and me went to lunch (at 3pm!) to this little ma and pa diner that's been in Salem forever. (I saw an old menu they had on the wall where burgers were 10 cents!!) We're sitting there waiting for our food to arrive and we're are the only ones in the restuarant too. This sweet other waitress that was there started to come over and talk to us and was saying how cute Lily was. This gal was not scary looking, she had glasses, and was only like late 50's early 60's. Lily was just staring at her and all of a sudden started crying/screaming! And it's not her usual "i'm sad" cry but her "i'm scared" cry! We were shocked cause it never happens-or rarely happens. She's such a happy baby! So finally the waitress left cause she felt bad for making Lily cry (Which made me feel bad!) and that was that. Well, she kept coming around our table to clean other tables, restock the sugar packets and so forth. Every time she came near, Lily was just looking all around for her and would cry hard! The cooks in the back were giving this waitress a hard time saying "what are you doing to that poor baby!" Was I sure glad to get our food, eat fast, and leave! THEN, Leandra and I were at the mall yesterday in a store, and Lily and I were waiting for her to purchase something, when this lady was smiling at Lily. Of course Lily didn't like that, put on her famous frown face (she does it all the time now!) and starts to cry a little. It wasn't bad like the restaurant incident, but it wasn't great. The lady just said "Oh no" and turned around and left. Sure made me feel stupid. I feel like I should apologize but what do I say? "Sorry my baby is scared of you, she's usually quite a happy, social girl!" Any advice out there people? Anyway, that's my newness with Lily. Hopefully it's just a stage and that it'll come and go QUICK!

PS 2 days until Lily's FIRST birthday :)