Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we say "Wild and Crazy?"

So I just had to take a picture (mainly because I didn't post one for the last entry!) and also because Lily looked too funny! She had pigtails in today, and I took them out for her nap, and when she woke up, it looked like this! Not the most flattering picture, but it's funny to me!Enjoy!

P.S. She did SO GOOD during her pictures today! And I got tons (I know, I'm a sucker!) Those will be posted in the future as soon as I get them!


Jenn said...

SO cute Amanda! I just love pictures of her! Ya you and AJ should for sure go stay at that place, you would NOT regret it! =) And don't worry, my boys both said Da Da first, they eventually said Ma Ma but they still prefer their daddy.

Family of 5 said...

LOVE the pic of Lily! She's soooo stinkin' cute! And we lOVE her to death! And so sweet your dinner...makes me think gosh I need to do something like that sometime for Dan, are we so blessed by hubbies that LOVE and support us so much! THANK you LORD! Talk to you soon!