Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy FIRST Birthday Lily!!

It's a very sad day. My little baby is no longer a baby but a big 1 year old! I'm having a hard time with today! I never thought I'd be sad about her birthday, but it's crazy to me that she's 1. I can't believe how fast one whole year went! I still wish she was a little infant, yet I can't wait till she starts walking and saying 'mama' and talking in sentences. Ok, I guess it's more of a bittersweet day than it is sad :) Her picture and name were on channel 12 today during their "first birthday" segment. That was fun to see-and I taped it so we'll have it forever! I know, I'm a crazy mom! It's sad that she has no idea it's her special day-but we know! And we probably won't do anything fun. I'm getting my hair cut/colored today (that's fun for me!) and we've got to take a meal to a couple in our church that just had a baby. And AJ has music team tonight. So, not much of a celebration. We'll just wait for her party on Saturday! I'll end this blog today by saying "Happy Birthday Lily Mae!"

PS She has her 1 year appt. tomorrow at the doctor at 1:45 and I heard it's a bad appt. cause they will give her lots of shots! Ouch! So please pray for her little body to take them well! Thank you!