Monday, February 18, 2008


Cupcakes are addicting....and I need them to not be at my house right now cause I'm gonna eat them all! Lily's party was a huge success...and she LOVED her cupcake! That girl just took a little bite of icing and then after like 3 bites picked up the entire cupcake in one hand and shoved it into her face! It was so funny! She ate the entire thing (minus all that had fallen off and onto her body!) Lots of family was here and some friends as well. It was so much fun, and thanks to all who came and helped bring food! She was spoiled of course with lots of gifts, tons of clothes (she's a very fashionable girl!) and some fun new toys. We got her this little sit on car thingy, that as of today is learning to move her legs to ride around the house! Hopefully it'll help her learn to walk somehow! We're so blessed to have such a happy little girl who is content sitting on the floor and playing with her toys (which is what she's doing right now!)

This weekend was a fun celebration of her birth...andI'm sad it's over! But I so look forward to what she'll learn to do this year (hopefully walking, just kidding! I know it'll happen sooner or later!)

Other than her party, we just kinda layed low. Had church yesterday of course which is always good. They (our church) is actually planning a trip to Israel next March and yesterday was an 'informational' meeting. I so wanna go! How cool to go there and be at places where Jesus walked, where he baptized, did miracles! I just think it's a wonderful opportunity that I really don't want to pass up. But, then you gotta consider the costs, and who will take care of Lily for 11 days, and who will take care of me while I'm away from Lily and crying my eyes out! Realistically, I doubt we'll go. Plus, they have to stop signing people up after 44! They said if enough people wanna go and they don't have enough room, they hope to do this trip in like 2 years. I'm thinking that's the one we'd go on. Plus, we wanna have more babies sooner than later, and who knows, I could be pregnant come next March! We're gonna pray about it, so we'll see. But, probably not. I really do hope to go there before I die!

And then this morning I was able to go get my hair colored-finally! That's such a treat for me, I love being pampered. And my husband is nice enough to stay at home with Lily while I went. Although it helped my appt. was at 8 am! I like it that way for the following reasons: a) I'm already for my day with great hair! and b) I have the rest of the day ahead of me to go run errands and such! Anyway, off to go to Costco-their coupons start today! I love that place and could walk around for hours! We'll see how long Lily lets me do it today! :) And I really need to post pics. of her birthday party, but I can't because the thing to hook it up to the computer is broken! Hopefully we'll figure it out soon!


Pearson's said...

hey i sent you an email with the directions to my house. See you tomorrow!