Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I'm sitting at my sister's house updating this blog since I'm banned from seeing AJ and Lily. This all started this last Wednesday. (by the way, this will be a long post with no pictures, sorry about that!) AJ woke up feeling nasty Wed. morning. He actually felt bad Tues. night but just thought he was coming down with a little cold. He stayed home from work Wed. and was getting worse by the hour. Every symptom he had matched those symptoms of the swine flu. Lily and I quickly left in the morning to escape getting sick and headed to church first for my women's Bible study and then headed to my parent's for the rest of the day-or so I thought. AJ's wonderful dad risked getting sick and took AJ to urgent care to get him tested for swine flu. He tested positive for it and was put on antibiotics. But I was ordered by my OB to stay away since I'm pregnant and the swine flu is quite dangerous for pregnant women-or so I'm told. My OB then put me on antibiotics to hopefully keep the swine flu away! So, Lily and I were camping out at my parent's and having a grand 'ol time! Well, last night (Thurs.) Lily starts to get a little cough...nothing big, but it was new. We were a little worried but put her to bed hoping it'd go away. She slept through the night thankfully but woke up feeling horrible. The cough was bad and she had a high fever. I called my OB to say that Lily might have it and do I have to stay away from her even though I'm on meds. They said yes. My parents then took Lily to urgent care to have her tested as well. Lily had to wear a mask, and by the picture my dad took with his phone, she looked a little bit like she was impersonating Michael Jackson! Anyway, God is so good because Lily saw the same doctor that AJ saw-and it's not her or his normal doctor-just an urgent care one. She remembered AJ and spared Lily of getting pricked, prodded, and everything else knowing that with her symptoms and since AJ tested positive, that she most likely has the swine flu. She also put Lily on antibiotics. So now all 3 of us are on meds! But, I'm still supposed to stay away from her until 24 hours after her fever breaks. I'm hoping by Sunday I can finally see her! AJ's fever broke this morning, so he can see Lily tomorrow. Since he leads worship at church on Sunday, he'll just have Lily stay the night at my parents tonight and tomorrow, then after church he'll take Lily home. And hopefully we can all be reunited soon! This has been a tough week, but God's been good and has shown me all the little things I can be thankful for during this trial-like being thankful that the baby isn't here yet otherwise no one would be allowed at the hospital if I was in labor that had the swine flu, or worse that I'd have a newborn at home but I'd be separated from AJ and Lily! I just figure we're getting it all out now before the baby is here! Also, update on this baby boy. Went to the doctor on Thursday and he checked me but I'm not dilated or anything. The doctor said it'd be really good if I went into labor on my own within the next week or so. If I haven't gone into labor in 2 weeks my doctor will do an ultrasound to measure the baby's weight. If his weight is ok, he'll schedule an induction for the following week (which would be 3 weeks away). If the baby is big-which I think he'll be-then I'll probably have to have a c-section. So, I'm thinking in 3 weeks or less he'll be here whether he comes on his own or by c-section. God knows though and is in control! I'm just thankful that he's not born yet! Anyway, that's the update on the Acker household. Maybe when I'm back with my family I can get that picture of Lily wearing a mask on here! We've gotta find a little humor in all of this! :)


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Oh yikes Amanda. Take care of yourself. Praying for you & your whole family!! xoxo

Family of 5 said...

Yes praying for a very fast recovery! I hate that you have to go through this! Hope you are getting lots of rest and know that God is our strength and take it one day at a time! Love ya friend!

Daisha said...

We feel your pain. hope everyone is feeling better!