Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Church Baby Shower

Last Thursday some awesome friends put together a shower for me at our church. It was such a fun night and I was spoiled!! There were amazing desserts, lots of presents, and many friends who came to support me! Here's some pictures of the evening:This is where guests could sign up to bring us meals when the baby comes! I am so blessed!
The tables-so elegant! There are individual candies on the tables and the label was made especially for me! It said "Soon Arriving, Jameson Andrew". Such creative ladies!
One of the delicious desserts made!
More desserts...

And more!
Punch table
My beautiful moms! My mom is on the left and my mother-in-law on the right...such amazing women!
And my beautiful sister and mom with me!
My friends Anna and Nikki who basically threw this all together (with lots of other help too!) They are amazing!
Playing "Baby Concentration"
Some of the guests
And lots more people! I am so loved :)
Look at those gifts! Again, I'm loved and spoiled!
A new video monitor-our old monitor (which wasn't a video one) basically is on its last leg. So why not register for a brand new one?! This was part of the group gift!
A new booster seat-most likely for Lily. But how nice it will be to not to have to buy another car seat! And also a part of the group gift!
My new sit 'n stand stroller! And it matches perfectly to the baby car seat we already have! This is from my mom and mother-in-law!
There are lots more pictures-but they're mainly of me opening presents and I didn't want to make you bored! :) It was such a fun night and I truly feel so loved! I'm so blessed to be a part of a loving, giving, gracious church family!


Family of 5 said...

It was such a fun night to SPOIL you my dear friend! You are such a beautiful woman of God and I love you dearly! Can't wait to meet the "soon arriving Jameson Andrew' :)

Daisha said...

You're certainly deserving of all those awesome gifts and the desserts are making me so so hungry! You look great and I'm excited to see what the little guy looks like.