Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Update

I went to the doctor this last week for an ultrasound. My doctor likes to do an u/s (ultrasound) at the end of the pregnancy to get an idea of how big baby will be. Well, Thursday I only saw the technician who actually did the u/s. It was so fun to see the baby and how BIG he is compared to the last u/s we had! She even showed us where he had some fuzz for hair! I can't wait to see him! Anyway, according to the u/s measurements she took, the baby is weighing at 7.8 pounds!! Of course, he could either be a pound under (which I'm hoping for) or a pound over! OUCH! The next day we went back to the doctor to get his readings on the u/s. He said I'm measuring at 37 weeks when I'm only 35 weeks! He said he'll check me this next week when I go in again to see if I'm dilated, etc. He said that I won't make it to my due date and he doesn't want me to make it to my due date! Hallelujah because I'm feeling BIG! After my appt. next week and depending on where I'm at, we might talk about an induction. He doesn't think I'll be able to deliver a baby over 8 pounds. And really, I'm OK with that! So, that's your update! This baby could be here in the next couple of weeks! I'm trying not to be anxious but I can't wait to meet him! And I know God will bring him here when it's in His timing! Here's the most recent picture of our baby boy:

Not the clearest of shots, but it's his profile. You can see his little nose and then his hand is near his mouth-but it just looks like a big blob! Still fun to get a picture of him! Pretty soon we'll have much more clearer pictures for when he arrives!


Daisha said...

There is nothing better than your baby is coming early (well, not too early). I'm very excited for you- those last few weeks of pregnancy are killer!

Family of 5 said...

I hope you stay nice and comfortable...well ok, as much as you can anyways, until the lil guy arrives! I'm just waiting for the call! :)

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're not going to have to go too much further!
We had an ultrasound just a few days before Haddon was born, and we saw hair too, kind of waving back and forth- so amazing! I'm glad you got to experience seeing him so late-term!
(BTW- you're going to do great no matter what size he is. You're an experienced deliverer... and you'll do awesome!)

Amber said...

Yay...cant wait to meet him!!! :)