Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Both my parents and AJ's parents live about 3 minutes away from us, so when it comes to holidays we are lucky we get to see and spend it with both sets of families! This year, Christmas Eve was at my parent's house. We were there all day and then went to our church's Christmas Eve service. And then Christmas day we were with AJ's folks. Of course we were all spoiled by BOTH families! Especially Lily! That girl got so many clothes and toys! And I honestly didn't realize that she had no fun toys until Christmas when she got new ones! She's been playing with them all-which makes it so nice for me so I can actually get stuff done without her on my heels all day long! Pictures from my parent's:Our family! I'm amazed that Lily is actually looking at the camera this time!
My flexible ballerina! She was excited over something!
Opening her first present. As the day went on, and again at AJ's parent's, she really got into unwrapping presents! And every once in a while she will just ask me "Present?" like she wants to open more! In about a month and a half she will!
Joel being Joel :)
The beautiful tree!
Lily loves her uncle Joel
Nana reading Lily her new Nemo book
So excited she got a new baby doll!
Being a little mommy already!
My silly dad
My hot husband :)
Lily all dressed up and ready for the Christmas Eve service! The only way I can get her to smile is if I say to her "show me your teeth!" And this is what she does! I think it's cute though!

Then, Christmas morning, we had Lily open up her stocking from AJ and I and then we headed over to his parent's house
Lily showing us her teeth as she opens her stocking!
Playing with new play-doh
AJ surprised me and Lily by sticking in these nice, loud recorders in her stocking at the last minute. Awesome.
At Dan and Barb's and opening presents in her GIANT stocking!
Reading a new book with Grandpa
"Is there anymore in there?!"
And another beautiful tree!
Auntie Andrea helping Lily open her present
Playing with her new Elmo doll
And she loves her new doll house!
Wow-that was a ton of pictures! Thanks for bearing with me on this super long post! We had a wonderful Christmas and thank you to our families for spoiling us so much!


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas too!! I love that Lilly got a recorder in her stocking...I remember the days when I would teach 33+ students recorders for weeks on end...yikes. :)

Family of 5 said...

I love Christmas! Can it be Christmas everyday! :0) Ok, maye not everyday...3 times a year's so worth it especially to hear the kids' glees of excitement! Looks like Lily had a wonderful Christmas too!

Amber said...

What great pictures! Dont you just love how the grandparents can spoil the babies?! :)

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

What a sweet girl. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Cute pictures!