Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

I looove snow! I love how pretty it is and how it's so quiet you don't even hear when it's snowing. I love it when everything is covered in white and the glow of Christmas lights on our house shines through the snow. It's so beautiful! And all those people out there that get snow all the time probably hate it :) But we don't get it often, so it's super fun when we do! Especially right before Christmas! Unfortunately, I'm not able to enjoy it that much with Lily because she is sick! I know she'd have so much fun playing in it, but is not feeling well at all. She's got a high fever, won't eat, and is just a lethargic little girl. It was a very long night last night! I hate it when my baby is sick. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into the stomach flu (because that's going around!) and that we can just get it all over and done with before Christmas! Anyway, just a few pictures of our little house in the snow!This is last night. So pretty!

Even Charlie's dog house is getting snow!And today. Our dog, Charlie, hates getting his feet wet. He's weird. But he actually enjoys the snow! A view of part of our backyard.

The front of our house

More of the front of our house

I was trying to show you all how deep it is in our yard! But, you can't really tell, oh well!

And a picture of Lily wearing my hat! She was insisting on wearing mine, and not hers. She looked pretty cute though. This was taken the night before she got sick. You can kinda tell she wasn't feeling well. I had no idea! Hopefully she'll get to feeling better and we can all enjoy the snow together!


Amber said...

Lovin the snow pics! I hope Lily is feeling better...she does look a little sick in that picture. Poor girl!

pfnisterfam said...

Such a bummer Lily wasn't feeling well to enjoy the snow! :( It sounds like we're getting more, so hopfully the next round. I agree, it is SO beautiful and peaceful, even though its a mess to get around in, I still love it too! Oh and if you want some pj's made, I'm sure she'd do it...she loves to sew. :)

Jenn said...

I can't believe that's OREGON! That looks like my house in Utah! Sorry to hear Lily is sick, poor baby!!!

Wendy said...

I'm with you, I LOVE the snow. And snow days off from school :)