Friday, December 5, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

"O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches."

It's that wonderful time of year where we get to go pick out a Christmas tree! My sister has come with us since we've been married I think! It's fun that it is now a tradition for us. AJ loves it of course because he gets to be a man and cut the tree down. Lily had so much fun this year-since last year she was just a baby! She loved running all around and touching the trees. She liked sticking her nose up to them and smelling them too. It was pretty cute! Anyway, for the past 3 years we found this great tree farm not far from us on this sweet old man's property. He only charges $10 for Douglas Fir! So cheap! I'm glad we can pay little for a nice tree! I hate to think what all those other states like California or Hawaii have to pay! Here are a few pictures of our fun day:

Lily with her auntie Leandra. Yes, they are riding in the back of our truck. Please don't tell on me! It wasn't for very long I promise!

Lily running all her energy out! She took a great nap that day! Smelling the trees... Leandra's pick-which was not a good one considering it fell over in her house twice!! I'm hoping it was her cat that did it and not AJ putting it in her stand wrong! It hasn't fallen in the last 2 days though-phew!And our pick. Yes, I know my rubber boots are a hot fashion item! :)

AJ being a trooper and posing for me before he saws the tree down

And it's going....

And it's gone!

The finished product! I normally hate decorating the tree because AJ never helps me so it's me all by myself! But this time, he took Lily out of the house so I could do it in peace (and by myself again) but it was really nice! And I thought since we don't have our cats this year, our ornaments would actually stay on the tree. But I was wrong! Lily loves pulling all the little balls off and pulling the toppers off of them so they are all over my house. I had to think if I wanted to discipline her for doing this, but decided not to. I want the tree to be a fun thing for her too and I want her to be able to touch it without getting yelled at. So if you come to my house now, you'll just see the bottom half of the tree empty because Lily pulled all the ornaments off! Oh well! The joys of an almost 2 year old!

And all lit up! There's nothing like a dark room with only the lights coming from a Christmas tree!


Jenn said...

SO fun! Your tree is beautiful! Oh how I miss Oregon trees! Even in Utah trees are pretty expensive, and definitely not as pretty! Another reason that Oregon rocks! Haha.

Family of 5 said...

It looks so pretty! What fun memories that you have started making with Lily! It's amazing the things they will remember even when they are so young!

Kristi said...

That sounds like a fun day... my tree is 3 feet tall and fake because I live in California. Sad day. Hey what happened to your kitty cats?

pfnisterfam said...

The tree is beautiful! I agree, there's nothing like a dark room with just the Christmas tree lit! Its so pretty - its amazing how it can change a room, isn't it? Sounds like Lily is having fun with the tree and it being Christmas too!