Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mommy Moments

I love being a mom. It really is the greatest privilege to be one (besides being a wife first!) And I especially love those "mommy moments" that rarely happen. For instance, Lily isn't really a snuggler. She will lay down her head on me as I'm putting her to bed, but really won't let me rock her, or read a book with her on my lap, or anything else. Last week she woke up from her nap after sleeping for only an hour. I knew this was bad for 2 reasons: 1) she always sleeps 2-3 hours and if it's less than that she can become quite a grouch. And 2) we had a function that night and I knew it'd be horrible if she didn't get more sleep! So I walk in and she's sitting in her crib crying. And it's the "I'm still tired cry" so I was trying to figure out how to make her fall asleep again. I pick her up and just put her on my lap in the glider chair that's in her room. ( I used this all the time when she was a baby nursing her, snuggling with her, etc. It was the best!) And after about 2 minutes of rocking she lays her head on my chest and sleeps for 45 minutes! I'm not kidding! Of course I'm sitting there thinking "I really wish I had a book with me or the Bible or something to read." But I didn't. And I'm glad because it gave me 45 min. of peace and quiet listening to my crazy 18 month actually be silent and sleeping for once. It allowed me to reflect and pray and give thanks to God for bringing this miracle baby into our lives and really be thankful for her. It was a special "mommy moment" to me. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show, but it was worth telling the story! But of course I must include a picture of Lily! She's into this one book my mom gave her last Christmas about Jesus and the manger scene and it has the song "Silent Night" play when you push this little button in the middle of a star. Lily just figured out how to do it and she presses it over and over and over again! I find myself singing this Christmas song as I go about my day! Crazy!

And she crawled in that chair all by herself! She's very interested in her book!

She looks so old to me sitting there like a big girl!

I sure hope I get more mommy moments in the future! Because I sure love them!


Palmer Family said...

oh such a sweet post!! I'm glad you got to have such a great mommy moment! Oh and I love your new blog background!

Family of 5 said...

Hey there! My boys got that book last Christmas from Gma Steiner and they LOVE it too...and will play it year round. ..I think Gma's just love buying music/noise makers because they don't hear them all day long! hehe!!

Such fun moments being a mom and oh you will have so many more mommy moments...they get more precious each time especially when they are older and are like 'Siah's age and want to cuddle...sigh. You wish you could hold on that moment forever! your a wonderful MOMMY! I love watching you with Lily!

Wendy said...

How sweet, I love those unexpected moments to cuddle. I extra love holding them as they sleep.

Amber said...

That is way to sweet, she is so adorable and looks so big in that chair! Dont you just love it when they fall asleep and cuddle?! Its my fav, Jack will sometimes do that and it melts me! Being a mom is so amazing!
So we still need to get together with our kiddos and your sister! Let me know when works for you guys...oh also are you gonna be able to do the Y class? If not swimming at the Y starts the first Saturday in October if you want to do that with us!! :)