Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Photos!

I was lucky enough to have my good friend Hollie offer to take (and I asked her to!) family photos. I was roomates with Hollie (along with 3 other girls!) my freshman year in a little dorm at Western Baptist. We became great friends and she was even in my wedding. She is a fabulous photographer and I love what she did! There were so many I'm not going to put them all on here, but here are a few of my favorites!
I LOVE this picture even though Lily isn't smiling. But that's just a classic Lily face to me!

Christmas card picture?!

I love this look on her face!

She looks like a happy little girl just walking down the street!

I realized I put more than a "few" on here, but I couldn't choose! And there are more too! Anyway, Hollie just started her photography blog so if you want to use her or just look at what she's done go to Thanks friend for everything! We LOVE them!


Family of 5 said...

OMYGOODNESS these are TERRIFIC!!! I LOVE THEM!!! And yes you have to use that one for your Christmas picture! BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT! Oh wow! LOVE THEM...I will stop gushing now! BUT really they are great! Too perfect! These really could be used in a magazine or something!

Amber said...

These are so ADORABLE!!! I love the close up of Lily's should get her into some modeling...she is so stinkin cute!! :) Any of the family ones would be great Christmas would be hard to chose! Where were you guys at?

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Wow! These photos are so great! Your friend did an excellent job. I say you should use one for your Christmas card - perfect!! And I love Lily's headband - how sweet is that?!?

Oh & to answer your question from my blog - the new car is "Tim's" - but I've already told him I get to drive it to school some days... :)

Have a great 3 day weekend!!

Jenn said...

SOO cute!!! She really is adorable Amanda, I just want to kiss her precious cheeks!!

Daisha said...

Wow those are so so good and how could they not be with such beautiful subjects?! Lily is a doll.

Wendy said...

Wow, they are great pictures. I love the one you marked as a Christmas card photo. I also really like the one where you are walking away and she is the only one looking back. Actually I loved them all. So FUN!

girl said...

WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!! :) I love Lily's headband...too cute! :)