Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Acts of "Lilyness"

I have a few pictures I took recently that don't really go with anything we're doing, so I thought I'd just post them as is!
Lily's hair is getting to be so long I love it! I'm not so creative with doing anything with it, just usually keeping it out of her face with a little clip or something. But once in a while I get the bug to put it up! She's learning now that she doesn't like me to do her hair, when before if I just gave her a toy she'd sit there so nicely and play with it. Now, anytime I come near her with a comb or anything she starts to shake her head back and forth really fast, like she's saying "no", and laughs while doing it! She knows I'm wanting her to hold still but she decides it'd be more fun to make me work and sweat at it! This girl is crazy! :) Anyway, this most recent time I decided to wait until she was eating her morning snack and she just sat there and let me do her hair. A couple of times she tried to pull at her pig tails and pull it out, but she just didn't quite figure it out. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before she does it! Little girls are quite fun to dress and I sure hope I get more creative with hairdo's!
She rarely sits still long enough for me to snap a photo with her actually looking at me! I was quite thrilled with this!
Lily LOVES pasta and I find that I really don't make it enough for her considering how easy it is and how much she loves it! The other night I decided to just take her shirt off while she ate because I knew she'd be a disaster even with a bib on! Here she is enjoying her food:
Well,I guess she already ate the food, but you can see what she left behind! Not much!

I'm pretty sure she's mimicking me as I was telling her to say "cheese"!

Lily is switching back and forth from being a daddy's girl to a mommy's girl. The other night I was leaving to go to a girl's bunco group and Lily could tell I was getting ready to go and she was clinging to my legs and crying! She didn't want me to put her down and every time I tried she'd just cry even harder! It made me feel so loved! One of the times I picked her up I had the camera out and wanted to take our picture-it made her stop crying!

She's just staring at me! I wish she was looking at the camera! Maybe she was thinking that if she looks at me then I won't leave her! She was still crying in AJ's arms as I backed out of the driveway that night. Sad. But AJ said she was fine after a little bit!

And yesterday after church, Lily was barely eating her lunch. I'm thinking it's because she had a snack in the nursery and she was so tired she just needed to nap. Well, as she's eating lunch she sees her blanket sitting on the floor. She starts whining and saying "bay" (stands for blankie) and when I wouldn't give it to her she starts crying! I was trying to explain that when she's done eating she could have it otherwise she'd get food all over it. Of course she's not understanding what I'm saying and just cries even harder. So what do I do?

Yup. I gave in. This girl has got me wrapped around her little sticky fingers! I was trying to be careful of food and I put the blanket around her neck, like a shawl. She then grabs it and puts it on her head! You can even see the remaining tears in her eyes! And soon after this photo I gave up with lunch and put her down for a nap. She was asleep in 2 minutes!

That's all for now!


girl said...

What sweet stories and photos! She is such a beautiful little girl!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. We are so excited to meet Ellie! :) BTW - I have had 3 showers so far and one left to go (in Salem...did you receive your invite?). Two of those showers were in Florida, then I obviously am having two in Oregon.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!! :)

Family of 5 said...

I love your title to this post! What a great title! :) So original...girl you are so creative! And I love the sweeet looks on LIly's face! How precious she is! Great run tonight...felt good after our long week off! :0 )

pfnisterfam said...

Cute pics! She is SOO adorable! I saw your comment on mine about giving you advice on "hair do's." I don't know how much help I'd be...I'm running out of ideas for Hannah's too. I find that letting her stand on a stool and brushing her teeth helps, but doesn't last for long and then she wants me to stop too. Hopefully someday they will be used to it enough to let us comb it! :)

Wendy said...

Lily is so cute. I love the pic with the blanket. I'm sure your not the only one she has tied around her sticky little fingers.