Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Bust A Move

Lily LOVES to dance. I'm not sure how or why it even started. But she's been wiggling for a while now and it's so darn cute! I wish I knew how to put a video on here because she'll just start dancing away! She'll even dance when I pick her up from the nursery-as if she's saying "yay, I'm glad you're here. Let me just show you how excited I am by wiggling to the side over and over!" She's quite cute! Here she is dancing away. You can tell that she's swaying to her right side at the moment, then she'll go to the left. All I had to say to her is "Can you dance?" And she does it! She looks so old in this picture to me too!

And a close up of her and her baby. She has to take this thing EVERYWHERE! We're at that stage now when no matter where we go she has to take her baby and blankie. The bad part about this is I only have 1 of each. I need to get some more so I can take them away and wash them without her throwing a fit.

Lily is also into running. She was crying for some random reason and I just took her hand and ran with her down the hall and back over and over. She thought it was the greatest thing! I love this look on her face too!

Maybe once I figure out the video thing I can post some on here of my dancing queen!


Family of 5 said...

Hey way to dance it up Lily !:) Remind me Amanda and I will have Dan write down how to do a video or maybe after running tonight I have him show you, because we have another short video we need to put on. Love the cute new pics and backgrounnd...hmm, think I need to change mine up...I'm getting bored with mine already! Sigh, and Lily was oh so cute in her mermaid costume last year! :0)

girl said...

She is SOOOO cute! :) I love the little mermaid picture on the side of your blog. What is she going to be this year?

What a beautiful family you have! :)

Amber said...

Yes you need to put a video up of that! I've been meaning to put a video up of Jack dancing too cause he is so funny...lately he just turns in circles over and over! haha! She is getting so big too...not a little girl anymore! :)
So I said I would tell you the next time all us "stay at home moms" did something and if you are interested we are all going to NW Kids Club tomorrow morning at 10 and we are bringing a lunch! It will be fun...Jack will be the only boy! There will be a few little girls Lily's age and it would be fun to hang out with you. :)

Palmer Family said...

So cute!! I want to see a video of your little dancing queen!

Wendy said...

She is a little dancer, I love watching her at music team.