Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've been meaning to post these pictures that were taken forever ago! My 2 good friends, and roommates, from college (I've known Jami since middle school!) both had babies a couple of months after I had Jameson. We got together a while back to chat about babies and see our little guys together. Well, their babies were little and my baby was huge! See for yourself!Ellie, Jameson, and Carter. Ellie and Carter are 5 days apart (I think!). They were born in February. I can't help but laugh at this picture because Jameson looks like a tank!Love that Jameson is smiling at his buddy Carter :)And of course Lily wanted to be in the picture too! This is the best one I got :(
I also think that Lily and Jameson are buddies too. I know this phase will come and go as they both get older and probably won't share toys! But, for now, I'm enjoying taking pictures of them as Lily loves on her little brother!

All ready for a walk to the park!

My friend Bethany made a shirt for Jameson and a matching dress for Lily that she gave to me at my baby shower for Jameson! I was so excited that he was finally big enough to wear it! Quite fun to dress these 2 alike. And all morning at church Lily kept saying "Jameson and I match!" She loves to dress like him (whether they are both wearing jeans or short sleeved shirts) and always notices if they have similar clothing on. Wonder when the "coolness" of matching won't be so cool anymore!

I'm SO thankful for these 2 babies of mine!!


Connie said...

Those outfits are seriously awesome. She is amazing! I just love them! Such cute little ones you have!

Family of 5 said...

Don't you just love those pictures when you can lay the babies out and then to show them someday how different in size they are then, but they all seem to catch up with each other! And Jameson is the cutest lil tank ever! :) His smiles are just stinkin' cute!

And LIly and her bro matching...A-DORABLE! Puts a smile on my face!

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

Cute pictures! It's always fun when friends have babies around the same time, so that the kids grow up with buddies. I laughed when I saw how much bigger he was! Cade was the exact same way :)