Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun in the sun-finally!

Seriously, where has the warm weather been?! I'm thankful it at least hasn't rained in the last few days! Last weekend it was actually warm enough to finally fill up the kiddie pool! The pictures don't show sunny weather, but I promise it was! The kids had a blast and it kept them occupied for over an hour! I tried to take Jameson out so I could give him a bath before bed and he freaked out! This kid loves the water! So, I decided to pick my battles and just bathed him in the pool! Worked wonders!

The happiest boy right now!

Cups and water = hours of entertainment! (Ok, not hours, just a while!) I did forget to mention that after I was done bathing Jameson, he says "poo-poo." The past month he's been telling me when he goes poo! I'm quite thrilled with this being how he's only 19 months! I am no way going to potty train right now, but at least he's telling me. Anyway, back to the pool, after he says "poo-poo", I look and don't see anything. I turn my back on him for a minute and when I turn around there are floaters in the pool!!!!!! NASTY! Did I mention that his swim trunks were off since I bathed him? Too bad the "floaters" weren't contained in his suit! Oh well. It had to happen at some point right?!


Family of 5 said...

LOL...he's so funny!! Well at least he told you right! :) And how great that we had sun...even if it was for a day...:)

paulashley said...

hehehe :) I remember around his age West did that in the bath, and as I pulled him out, freaking out about how to sanitize the tub (not to mention him!), he piddled all over the floor!!!
Those boys and their bodily functions, I tell ya!