Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching up!!

I have a zillion excuses as to why I haven’t blogged, none of which are amazing anyway. SO, rather than bore you with excuses, let’s get onto seeing some pictures!

The last I blogged Colby was 8 months. Well, now he’s 10 months! Yikes! Here’s his 9 month pics:


Still a super content, happy, laid back boy!!



This is all he does still…just sit. He’s not rolling, crawling, nothing. His doctor isn’t too concerned because he knows Colby will get there eventually! Colby stands really well against things (that means us putting him there, he doesn’t pull himself up.) So his legs are nice and strong. And if we put him in the crawling position, he just stays that way for a minute or so then flattens out like a pancake. He just doesn’t care! Also, Colby’s  face all of a sudden turned orange. Mainly in his nose and under his eyes. We were concerned, went to the Dr., they drew blood and it all came back normal-praise God! But, still no concrete answer as to why. We’re just assuming it’s from his orange veggies he eats-although, he doesn’t eat an enormous amount. But, I am not noticing it as much as he is eating more table foods!

*And I forgot his weight and height because it was long ago! I remember the percentages though :) He was in the 30% for weight and 99% for height!

*He is a great eater and will pretty much eat anything we give him. But, he has no teeth! Craziness! At his 9 month appt, I was told I should supplement with formula since we didn’t think he was getting enough milk. Well, we started that transition right before we left for our mission trip, and he decided he was completely done nursing! So, on to formula we went 100% of the time. I was a teeny bit sad, as I nursed my others up to a year. But, 9 months is close enough! I will say, bottles of formula are soo easy! And anyone can feed him! I have some freedom! :)

*He is a great sleeper and 99% of the time wakes up happy in the mornings and from his naps and with a smile on his face.

*When he gets excited he flaps his arms like a bird and kicks his legs really fast. We love it!

*He is starting to babble more, mainly just squealing, but has said “mamamamama” and “bababababa”-but he is a quiet baby too!

*He loves watching Lily and Jameson and tolerates Jameson’s “hugs” really well. Jameson just gets so excited and squeezes Colby! And just today, Jameson randomly put his finger in Colby’s mouth far enough in to make Colby gag. Seriously?! Oh that boy of mine. But, my sweet Colby didn’t cry! Just choked a bit. I look forward to the day when Colby can stick up for himself :)


Love this picture of AJ and his boys!!

And moving right along to Colby at 10 months!


See? He’s standing so well by himself! He has the greatest smile and baby blue eyes!


He loves avocado!!


See his thighs chunkin’ up?! I love it! We love his curly hair and people comment on it all the time. I’m really hoping once he starts getting his hair cut that the curls will stay!IMG_0316[1]

We’ve also had the chance to go to the pool with some friends! Colby loves the water and he does great being in my arms or floating in his little flotation device.


Lots of swimming adventures-this time at cousin Owen’s house!

Ok, must stop blogging. It’s late and I’m tired! I will post more pictures soon!