Monday, March 15, 2010

BIG boy!

Jameson had his 4 month check up today-which included shots, poor baby! He weighed in at 17.5 lbs (90th percentile) and is 27.5 inches long!! (97th percentile!) This boys is HUGE! Unfortunately, he still isn't sleeping through the night. He should though since his belly is so large! But lately he's only been giving me 5 hour stretches. This isn't horrible, but after putting him to bed at 10pm and getting a wake-up call at 3 am hurts me! Plus, I know Jameson can go longer because he has! On many occasions he's gone for at least 7 hours without eating. So his doctor said to let him cry it out! Not sure if I can do this quite yet. I will admit that as soon as I hear him fussing I go to him immediately. But this is because I really don't want him to wake Lily up-I mean, they share a wall! But I think I'll try to let him fuss for a while and see if he can just go back to sleep. If this doesn't work I'll probably need to turn on a fan or something in Lily's room at night so that we can let Jameson cry it out-which I hate! I know it'll be hard for me to listen to! I'm really hoping he'll make this change fast and without too many tears. I'm just a softie :) Anyway, just a couple of pictures of my little man (or BIG man I should say!)Such a sweet boy! He fell asleep on Lily's beanbag chair-and if she saw this picture I'm pretty sure she'd freak out since it's her chair!! Oh well :)
Naked baby!! I love his cute bum! Getting ready for bath time! (check out the massive spit up on my left shoulder-the joys of being a mama!)
All smiles after his bath-and he's so chubby! Love him!


pfnisterfam said...

He's SO cute! Love his smile and chubby cheeks. :) Hope he starts sleeping longer stretches for you and letting him fuss or cry it out isn't too hard on you.

Cathy said...

He is YUM.MY.

Jenn said...

I LOVE the bum picture! Haha, he's too cute! I'm sorry about the night thing, I know how you feel. It's so frustrating. But I love how, even though you let them cry all night, they smile at you in the morning. Babies are so forgiving! Hang in there! =)

Mikaela said...

wow, I couldn't really appreciate how big he is until I saw the picture of you holding him-FOUR MONTHS?!?!?! That is crazy! He seems like such a happy baby though, good luck with the crying . . . so worth it!

Family of 5 said...

Jameson, you must let your mama get some sleep! :) It's sometimes harder to let the 2nd child b/c you don't want them to wake up the older child! Hang in there!
Aww...his smile and sleepiness and chubbiness are all so cute!