Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trip to the Dentist!

Lily went to the dentist for the FIRST time last week! She did amazingly well too!! I was so impressed with her! She sat very still while her teeth were cleaned and she even let them do x-rays of her teeth too! My mom actually works for the dentist (and the dentist happens to go to our church too!) so it helped that Lily was familiar with the place :) Just a couple of photos to document her first trip to the dentist!

Right before her teeth are cleaned-had to have her baby and blanket with her too!Glasses she had to wear to protect her eyes from the light. They happened to have matched her outfit perfectly too-not that it matters, but it was fun!"Say aaaaah"Doing so well at sitting still!

The only time Lily was afraid was when her chair was being moved into the laying down position! She thought she was going to fall. I assured her she'd be just fine and she relaxed after that. I'm so proud of my little girl!!


Erin said...

I'm so glad it went well! I kinda wish I had pictures of Avery's first trip. I was much too busy being embarrased (and holding her down) to take pictures, though! :) Good for Lily!

Erin said...
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Family of 5 said...

Way to Go Lily girl! Josiah said, " I guess and I think I will go to the Dentist tomorrow." It being Sunday I don't think that will actually happen...but now that he saw Lily in those pics at the dentist maybe he will go! :0 )