Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

I will start by saying that I can't wait until my kids are older when we can stay out late and enjoy fireworks! Ever since Lily was born I'm pretty sure we've been in bed and asleep by 11pm! Oh well :) We're cool like that! Anyway, the Acker's (AJ's folks) had an awesome 4th of July bbq with TONS of food and family and friends! It was so nice to eat, chat, and relax. I just wished it had been a bit warmer! Grandpa Dan did buy some fireworks to do with Lily, but that girl is so scared of loud noises she held her hands over her ears the whole time.
See?! But smiling so sweetly with her Auntie Andrea!
She later sat with Dan while AJ lit some fireworks, and again had her hands over her ears and then she wanted Dan's hands to cover her hands over her ears! After about 5 fireworks she said she was done. Maybe next year she'll be into it more! She did do some sparklers though!

Some of the boys-my dad, new brother-in-law Kevin, and AJDan lighting some of the fireworksLily playing with some sweet girls- Sophia and Eloise in the background!Brother and Sister with Lily MaeThis girl rarely shows affection to me anymore, so any chance she gives me a hug on her own I just soak it all up! She was squeezing my neck so hard too! Luckily I had my camera ready so I can capture that she really does love me! :)And sweet J baby playing with a necklace! He loved that thing. Let's just call it some beads on a string instead of a necklace. Makes it sound a bit more manly huh?


Endless Glow by Jenn said...

I love the 4th of July. It looks like you had fun!