Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Months!!

Ahh, 10 months already?! I'm getting sad thinking about my sweet baby boy turning a year old! He is growing up TOO fast!
*Jameson is sleeping completely through the night now! Woohoo! He will wake up between 7-8am (except for the past 2 mornings he's woken at 6am. Ugh. I'm thinking he's teething again.)
*Has 2 bottom teeth
*Wearing 18-24 month clothes!! The length is a bit long on him, but if he went any smaller I'd have to keep his pants unbuttoned because his belly is so big!
*Trying SO hard to crawl. He can scoot backwards and rocks on his hands and knees. He just can't figure out how to make himself go forward. I feel like it could happen any day now!
*Lily calls him "buddy" all the time and I love it! I never call him that, and AJ maybe does it a little bit, but that's what she calls him 24/7. So cute!
*I'm pretty sure he just said his first word the other day-"dog". The "g" isn't so pronounced, but when he saw our dog, Charlie, outside yesterday, he kept saying "dog, dog, dog". And to someone who doesn't hear him babble it may just sound like dah. But I really think he's saying dog! He says "dada" every once in a while but I'm still not sure he associates that with AJ. He says "go" a lot, but not in reference to going anywhere, and he says "baba" a lot. It's fun to hear him talk so much!
*Tries really hard to pull himself up on furniture, and has succeeded a few times!
*LOVES to eat-especially regular food. I'm still making my own baby food, but now I'm able to incorporate more table foods. He loves my chicken pot pie and chicken casserole as well as bread of any type and cheese.

Pretty sure I've posted this before, but he's so cute.

Love this picture of me and my little man! He's so smiley all.the.time.

On a train at the zoo (zoo trip will be posted on another day!)

Loving his bouncer for the moment, but is pretty much done with it. He wants to be on the ground and moving! I know that wasn't many pictures of just him-apparently I need to be taking some more! His hair is still red which I love! And it's growing in lots. We love our big 10 month old!