Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sisterly Love

Lily LOVES singing songs to Jameson. She really does love him and rarely tries to lash out at him! I'll enjoy them getting along because one day I'm sure they are bound to fight! In the meantime, I will enjoy all the real and made-up songs she sings to her brother.

PS Lily's hair normally doesn't look that cute! She had just got it cut that day and her hairdresser always loves to curl her hair! Why Lily will sit still for her and not for me blows my mind! Oh well!


Elaina said...

Awww! Sweet! Those are some cute kids you have there!

Connie said...

so cute! I love when Jameson looks up and sees you and smiles, he is precious! Lily is such a good big sis.

paulashley said...

hehe :) I love "I'm done" at the end. And her hair is super cute- when she looked back at the camera she looked so much like you to me! It funny how it comes out in our kiddos so much sometimes :)