Monday, October 18, 2010


Oh this weather has been so nice lately! Fall is my favorite season and there's nothing like a crisp, sunny day to put a smile on my face! At the beginning of the summer, my wonderful aunt and uncle gave us their old swing set! Their kids are too old for it and they so graciously gave it to us. Lily LOVES it and is out there swinging every single day. Now that summer is over, I thought for sure we wouldn't be outside anymore. But with these sunny days lately, she's still having fun on it!

I love these kids so much! Aren't their smiles great?! Really hoping we won't have to do braces someday! :) This is a swing AJ made a couple years ago for Lily. And just the other day AJ made and added a bar to keep Jameson nice and safe in it! My husband is so crafty!

Lily LOVES pushing her brother-which is great for me! I love just sitting and watching her do all the work!

This is the swing set from my aunt and uncle. It's the best when other kids come over because they play out there a ton! Here is Lily having fun with my friend Anna's kids.

So, if you want to come to a "private" park and play (hardly a park!) come on over to our house! We love visitors!


Jenn said...

We are so jealous! We don't have a backyard and the boys would just LOVE to come play! Enjoy!