Friday, October 29, 2010


I was looking back through old pictures that I've taken at Halloween since Lily has been born. Thought it'd be fun to share them with you all!

Such a sweet, little baby!! I loved this costumer because Lily wasn't even crawling yet so the mermaid was perfect for her. She was 8 months old in this picture. Doesn't she and Jameson look alike?!
Lily was almost 2 in this picture. And this was at the stage where she did NOT want to sit still for pictures-which is why her face isn't super smiley! At least I have documentation of her in this costume though!
And last year's Halloween. It's amazing how much older she looks now compared to just 1 year ago! I really wasn't planning on getting her a costume last year. Terrible right? It's because I was so GINORMOUSLY pregnant and I honestly thought I'd be in labor or have a newborn by the time Halloween came around. Plus, I hate Halloween and didn't have the motivation to do anything for it. Once I came to the realization of how selfish I was being, I quickly bought a costume on clearance the week before Halloween and we did a little trick-or-treating. Lily had a blast! And then I felt guilty for almost not letting her dress up. Oh well-the past is the past right?! :)
OH.MY.WORD. Do you see how HUGE my belly was?!! And my face?!! SO thankful my baby is almost 1 year and not in my belly right now!
And the last picture of just the 3 of us before Jameson was born! We are going to try and go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow (weather pending) so hopefully we can recreate this picture with Jameson in it!!


paulashley said...

I LOVE the mermaid suit :) And I must agree, it is good to not be pregnant :)