Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On Saturday night, our church had its annual Harvest Party. It was fun for the kids to have 2 chances to wear their costumes! Well, it was fun for Lily, Jameson could have cared less!

Here are my tigers!! We got Jameson's costume first and Lily was going to be a princess. Once she saw Jameson was going to be a tiger, she said, "I want to be a tiger like my brother!" So cute! My mom helped me figure out a tiger costume for her and I thought it worked great!
You can see Lily's tail coming through her legs. And my friend Tara helped me sew together Lily's tutu!

Look at what this boy can do!! Stand up all by himself!
Playing games at the Harvest Party. Check out that action shot! She knocked 2 of them down!
A guy from our church was presenting the Gospel to all the kids as this was an outreach event. He was quite silly in his costume!
Lily and her good friend Zoe!
Me and my tiger boy!
The church had a "jail" set up, and each kid got 3 tickets that said "go to jail." They could pass these tickets out to anyone-including parents! Well, Lily was being shy and didn't want to pass them out, but she wanted to be in jail like all the other kids. So she wanted me to go to jail with her! We had to stay in there for 5 minutes! That's a long time!
Me and my tiger Lily!
Jameson crawling all around-check out his tiger tail!
And playing another game.
On Halloween, we trick-or-treated at AJ and my parents' houses and then we met up with 2 of our friends and their families and drove to a neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Lily had a blast! She is finally old enough to understand what this silly holiday is all about. Although, anytime she saw a little dog she started crying and wouldn't go up to the door! We have a giant lab for a dog and she isn't scared at all. But little dogs? Don't get her near one! It was kinda funny how she would just sob randomly! Out of all the scary things you could see on Halloween night, she chose dogs to be the scariest! Oh well! It was a fun night, and besides the little dogs, she loved running around with her friends getting free candy! I mean, what's not to love about that?!


Family of 5 said...

And how fun to be able to wear your costume twice! :) They look so cute in their costumes, I Love it!! And I have to say it was a lil humorous when she got scared of the dogs...but sad too! :( BTW I have some pics of Halloween nite if you want them I can email them to you or you can take them off my facebook page and use them !

Princess Jessie Pants said...

What cute 'kitties' you have! :) PS Your shirt in the pics is super cute too.

Jocelyn said...

Both my girls were tigers last year. Isn't it cute when siblings want to match? Your kids looked adorable.

I didn't even realize you had a dog. Our kids are nuts about dogs. Eleanor was really quick to move from one car to the next at our "trunk-or-treat" unless she saw a dog. She'd hold up the whole line to ask to pet it.

Amanda said...

Such cute costumes! I love the kitty in the tutu and I'm super impressed that you made it!

Jameson is getting so big! He makes a pretty cuddly looking tiger. :)

Daisha said...

Adorable! Sounds like a fun party!