Friday, February 4, 2011

My Sweet Lily

I've realized that I've been blogging lots about Jameson lately and hardly anything about Lily! This girl is growing up WAY TOO FAST for me! She turns 4 (!!!!) next week and is acting more grown up each day. I'll do a bigger post on her birthday (I know, you can hardly wait to read it right?!) but while you're waiting, here are a few photos of my sweet Lily:

She loves to play dress up (took her a while to get into it) and loves jumping on her bed. Yes, we are those parents who let our kids jump on the bed. They like it and so do we! Jameson has also come to love jumping on the bed with Lily. He just jumps while sitting on his bottom though. This is them in mid-jump!
So.grown.up. This is also her new favorite shirt and she wants to wear it all the time! And this is right before we chopped her hair!

A new 'do for Lily! I was so sick of hearing whining and seeing tears while I combed her hair (yes, we used conditioner AND de-tangler) and she never wanted me to put it up, or in hair clips, or head bands. I was sick of it so we (mainly me) decided to chop it! At first she pouted but has since loved it. She'll even brush her own hair now! It's awesome!!!
And a back view. I do realize she and I have the same haircut. It's cool. Now we can be twins :)
Can you look at this picture?! She's been really into coloring lately and it will occupy her for quite a while (thank you Jesus!). She's so good at staying in the lines too! And look at all her color choices. The letters at the bottom are ones she wrote all by herself-well, except for the "e" and "D." But if you look closely you can see an "m" and "N" and "g" and backwards "D"! I love that she's learning this stuff! She also drew a person with arms and then a green spider with a web attached. Although, when she was explaining this drawing she said that the web was called his rope so he could swing to his house. She's pretty accurate!


Jenn said...

Amanda she is SO cute! I love her haircut, super stylish! :)

Family of 5 said...

Oh I love the first picture!! I mean I love all your pictures...but their faces are priceless on the first one!! I love your kiddos they are so special to us!! She is such a fantastic lil lady too!!

RoseOfSharon said...

Oh, and sweet Lily she is!! My goodness what an adorable child. What a joy she must bring to your life. I see my two daughter's within her smile. I enjoyed the trip back to the days my girls were her age... they are 27 and 31 now. But you know what??? I get caught up talking way too much about my son, and little about my two wonderful daughters. Not sure why that is, but I know as a teacher I was taught to be careful. Women teachers tend to call on boys more than girls. We just have to stop and think, and regroup.... at times. Thank you for your post.