Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last Sunday after church, our little family headed to Lincoln City to play at the beach! We've been wanting to go all summer but we've never made the time to do it. Jameson has actually never been to the beach! Can you believe it?! Anyway, after eating a quick lunch we left the house at 2pm and headed to the beach! We let Jameson take his daily nap in the car! Once we got there we set up camp near the little river that runs through the beach. I excitedly took Jameson's shoes and socks off as I couldn't wait to see what his response would be his first time feeling sand! Well, it didn't go as great as I thought. See for yourself:

Can you see his mouth open as he's crying?!

He stood up and is still crying while he's looking at his feet thinking "what is this stuff I'm standing on?!"
Still mad.
Lily, on the other hand, is having a complete BLAST! She was loving the sand and water!
I finally sat Jameson down on my lap and let him play in the sand, hoping that he would warm up to it all. Who knew he'd freak out?!
This one's for you mom! (If you can't see it, it's a kite of Mickey Mouse :)
And the boy finally got used to sand and water! YAY! He loved splashing around in this water and playing. Phew! I was getting worried he'd be some weirdo that wouldn't ever like the beach!
AJ and Lily playing a little baseball. The weather was perfect too! It was really warm and just a little breeze. I was hot since I wore jeans! I was thinking we'd be cold...thankfully, I was wrong.
Jameson made some friends with complete strangers. And his shirt is off. And his belly is big. And I love it!
We had such a fun afternoon! We only stayed at the beach for 2 hours, but that was enough time for the kiddos. We then went for a fun dinner at Mo's. We had a great time and I was thankful we chose to be spontaneous that day!


Cathy said...

Those are the BEST kind of days!

Glad you had such amazing weather.:)

Jameson's faces are awesome...

Family of 5 said...

Looks like you captured some great memories!!! And what a lovely day on the beach that's for sure!!