Sunday, April 21, 2013

Colby is 7 Months!

Well, I’m a bit behind with this month’s post, but still needed to document my sweet boy and other life happenings!


This sweet boy has stolen my heart! It just keeps getting closer and closer until that 1st birthday. Unreal.


When he gets really excited, like in this picture, he kicks his legs really fast!


He is sitting up great!! Every once in a while he falls, but he’s a pro now. Still not rolling over-I’m totally ok with that! I know that I can stick him in the middle of a bed and he’ll fall asleep without rolling! Someday he’ll do it, until then, I’m ok where he’s at!


Sitting in the “big” high chair now! This was the first feeding in it once we got it all cleaned up and out of the attic. He knows when he goes in there that it’s time to eat!


I can’t remember if I already posted this picture, but I love these two! Lily is such a great help with Colby and she loves to help feed him too-score! Just this morning, I was dealing with cleaning Jameson up and Colby was ready to eat, so I asked Lily if she could feed him. Her reply, “Sure!!” Thankful for her sweet spirit!
Things about Colby:

*Still not sleeping through the night-except for the last 2! He slept today until 8am! Praise God! I did have to put a binky in his mouth at 4 am and then again at 6:15, but never had to feed. Hoping he’s turning the corner...We’ll see!

*Size 2 diaper still-my kids were well out of this size by 7 months! He’s just a little thing!

*In 6-9 month clothes, mostly 9 month for the length. Although, last night I put him in 12 month pj’s since his others were dirty, and I was surprised to see they fit him well-mainly in the length. They were too big around the waist, but I’d hate it if my toes were jammed in the ends of footie pajamas like his usually are!

*Eating solids great! I haven’t given him anything he won’t eat. I have only made a couple of my own baby food variations- because I am  finding it easier to feed him pre-made stuff! Maybe I’ll get back into the routine of making my own, if not, oh well!

*Still a super happy, loving baby boy! Whenever I hold him he will bury his face into my shoulder and neck and wrap his arms around my neck. He’s such a sweet boy! 

And now onto Easter pictures since I never posted those!


Making our annual “resurrection rolls!” (marshmallow rolled in cinnamon/brown sugar with a crescent roll wrapped around it. Bake and when you open the roll the marshmallow is no longer there-like Jesus is no longer in the tomb!)


Dyeing eggs!


Our church’s annual egg hunt!


He is ready for the hunt!


Next year Colby will be able to find eggs!


Showing me his loot.


Lily with her sweet friends, Zoe and Abigail. Man, these girls are growing up way too fast!


Our family! I think this only the second family picture we have. Sad.


In their Easter clothes! I LOVE matching the boys! And will continue to do so until Jameson realizes it’s no longer cool :)


Can never get them all to smile at the same time and at the same camera. Oh well!


Pictures with cousin Owen! Love their smiling faces!


Poor Owen is trying to escape Jameson’s grasp! I love the smiles on Lily and Colby’s faces though!


Egg hunt at Papa and Nana’s house!


“I got money!”


Pretty sure he was already eating candy at this point.


Love this man!


More fun Easter surprises from Papa and Nana!


Now at Grandpa and Grandma Acker’s house for an egg hunt and dinner.


Grandpa helping Jameson find eggs.


Lily is a pro.


Even Colby enjoyed holding the eggs!

I wish I would’ve gotten more Easter pictures at both grandparents’ houses, but I failed to do that! We were able to have a yummy brunch and egg hunt at my parent’s house the day before Easter, and then have dinner and another egg hunt with AJ’s parents on Easter Sunday. The kids were spoiled with fun treats in the eggs and special presents- and they were loving every minute of the celebrating! AJ and I were in the Easter play at church this year, so we were a bit pooped during these celebrations! But, it was so fun to be a part of a production that proclaimed who Christ was, and what He did-dying on the cross for our sins, buried, and rose again!! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus, for saving my lost soul!!