Sunday, March 17, 2013

Colby is 6 Months!

I can’t believe my sweet baby is already a half of a year old!!! It’s going by sooo fast! Just for fun, here is Jameson at 6 months old:

And Colby at 6 months:

Image (18)

Image (19)

Colby is definitely skinnier!! But, I think the black/white photo of Jameson looks a ton like Colby! I also love that they are wearing the same sweater! Too fun! :)


At his 6 month appointment, Colby weighed 15 lbs. 12 oz. (19th percentile!) and his height was 28 1/2 inches (96 percentile!) So, he is still long and lean just like his daddy! You can still see his little thighs chunkin’ up in these pictures!


His hair is still staying curly too! Well, mainly the longer parts are curly. Once the longer hair falls out, it’ll be interesting to see if it comes in curly. Or, maybe to maintain the curl I have to keep his hair longer! :)


He is getting used to his bouncer. The other kids loved it, so I’m hoping he loves it at some point. He has awesome neck/head strength, so he sits really well in it. His legs aren’t super strong, so I think he hasn’t conquered the jumping part of it. He’ll get there though! He isn’t rolling over yet either-totally normal for my kids! He sits up really well if a boppy or pillow is behind him. Still hates tummy time. Partly my fault because I don’t put him on his tummy enough. I know he’ll roll over at some point! :)



You can always count on Jameson to get in Colby’s face or play space! This picture is so sweet to me though, because Jameson was showing Colby something and Colby was paying attention to him. Can’t wait for the day when the boys can really play with each other!


And, since he is 6 months, it’s time to start baby cereal!!! This was last week and he did really well with it. Of course, he made a funny face the first mouthful he got, but he got the hang of it and would open his mouth for more.


Somewhat of a smile here! He was so ready for bed during this first feeding of cereal and was kind of whining during mouthfuls of it-so he wasn’t the happiest he usually is!

Colby still wakes up once at night, (3 am! Ouch!) so I was hoping by feeding him cereal before his last feeding of the day would help him sleep through the night. So far, that hasn’t worked :/ He is still taking 3 naps and we cut out the last cat nap (usually between 6:30 and 7:00pm) in hopes of putting him to bed earlier and helping him sleep longer. He’s done great with going to bed earlier, but, again, not sleeping through the night. I’m not the parent who likes the cry it out method, so I’m ok with it right now! Maybe as we add in more food that will help. One can only hope right?! The crazy thing is, I forgot how to do the whole baby food thing!!! Yes, I know I have done this twice before, and I always think I’ll remember what to do when the time comes, but my mind is a blank! Like, when do I add in more cereal throughout the day? After how long is he on cereal before adding in veggies and fruit?! I know I’ll figure it out, but it’s driving me crazy that I don’t remember anything. I will be referring back to old blog posts of when Jameson was a baby to hopefully help me remember!


Jocelyn said...

He's so cute! I love the little patch on his shirt that says 6 months. I never got around to doing that with Curtis.