Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lily is 6!!!!

Lily turned 6 years old on February 13th!! Our little almost Valentine baby :) Lily woke up on her birthday to balloons all over her floor. We started this tradition when she turned 3 (I think!) And this year, she reminded me of it! She said to me, “Mom, are you going to put balloons all over my floor when I wake up on my birthday?” I seriously had forgotten!! So I said to her, “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!” Thank goodness she has a good memory! :) P1050379 The evening of her birthday, we let her choose where she wanted to eat dinner. I was thinking she’d choose McDonald’s or even Burger King. She actually chose Best Lil’ Roadhouse! For those of you that don’t know, it’s a nicer, sit down restaurant that serves steak! She still chose to eat a hamburger! My kind of girl! After dinner, we came home and she opened a few presents.


I know it’s blurry, but my parents gave her this unicorn light up thingy. She had been wanting one for a long time and was sooo excited when she opened it!


AJ chose these Hello Kitty headphones for Lily-mainly to be used when she watches shows on my ipad so we don’t have to hear it! And then Jameson had to sneak in on the picture!


My mom also treated Lily to a manicure at a salon on her birthday. Lily was so excited and chose a sparkly pink to go with her Pinkalicious party….


Pink everywhere!!! Lily wanted to have a Pinkalicious party. And again, for those that don’t know, there is a book called Pinkalicious where the little girl in the story loves pink so much. She eats a ton of pink cupcakes and turns pink, and the only way to turn back to normal is to eat green foods. Anyway, it’s a super cute story and it was very fun to copy for the decor! My mom helped a TON with this. Seriously, she is the brains behind this bash. I just helped a little :) So thankful she likes to plan parties! Thanks for the help Mom! You can’t tell very well, but each girls’ name was on the back of the chairs.


Popcorn, pink cupcakes, and pink candies!


A close-up of the Pinkalicious cupcakes I made. I really do love decorating cakes and cupcakes!


The girls also got to decorate a pink crown and wand with stickers, gems, and other glittery things.


More pink decor!


The girls decorating their crowns and wands.


Poor Colby was the only boy! He didn’t mind though.


The girls playing Pinkalicious bingo.


The party girls dressed in pink from head to toe!




Lily got this cool coloring butterfly thing as one of her presents, and all the girls were sharing and coloring it together. It was very sweet. She is so blessed to have such sweet girlfriends!!

Later that night, we had all the family over for another party for Lily!


Even mom and Owen went along with the Pink theme!!


Sparkly boots from Papa and Nana.


We love little Owen!


Lily had been wanting footy pajamas and Grandma Barb found some for her. Lily was thrilled!


A pretty dress from Auntie Lu and Uncle Kevin-thankfully, in another color besides pink :)


My sad attempt to take a picture of Lily with her birthday cupcake! Oh well!

And, a look of our sweet Lily Mae throughout the years!

lily halloween

Seriously, those cheeks?!! Love her. She was 8 months here.


So sweet at 9 months.


2 years old


3 years old.


So excited and flexible at 2 years!!


Looks like a model to me :) 2 1/2 years.


The start of being a big sister to Jameson at almost 3 years old.


Big sister to Colby at almost 6!

Lily Mae, you are such a joy to daddy and me. We are so thankful God brought you to us! You are our little miracle baby when we didn’t know if we’d be able to have babies! God knew all along though! You have such a sweet spirit, you are very creative, especially when you are coloring. You are an excellent student and you get so excited to learn new things. You are so helpful to me with your brothers-whether it’s watching Colby while I shower, or helping to get Jameson dressed. You are also a bit stubborn (like your daddy was when he was little! :), but it helps when you are trying to learn and you want to figure it out! And best of all, you’ve got Jesus in your heart. You know He is your Lord and Savior and it’s so awesome to hear you memorizing His Word for church, singing worship songs, and asking your friends from school if they know Jesus. We are SO thankful for you and we love you so much!!!!


Jocelyn said...

How wonderful! She will have such special birthday memories from all those things you do. I love the Pinkalicious party! I might have to copy that if I actually do parties this year. Eleanor is nuts about pink everything.

Unknown said...

My goodness it looks like you went to a lot of work for this special day! I'm loving all the gorgeous little cakes and attention to detail your amazing =). I hope your little Princess had a wonderful day!

Jenn said...

SO cute Amanda! I'm super jealous of all the pink. :) Lily is an adorable 6 year old, enjoy this year it's such a fun age!

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