Sunday, November 9, 2008

In the life of Lily....

Just a few pictures of Lily I took recently that really don't go along with anything we've been doing:Lily and her bff Zoe just hanging out and watching a movie. Lily doesn't watch TV (I guess it's good she doesn't, but there are times I wish she would so I could get stuff done!) but with Zoe, she'll do whatever she does!
I hate that this picture is blurry, but it's so sweet I had to put it up here. Lily isn't much of a cuddler these days, but is getting better as she gets older. She's more into books now than ever before and wanted her daddy to read her a story before bed. It's so sweet!
This is my little ballerina/lobster girl! My brother and dad went to Maine a couple months ago, and Joel brought back this sweater for Lily! It's the first time she's worn it and she looks so cute in it. And a friend of ours gave us this tu-tu and Lily was just wearing it, eating some cheerios, and playing with her toys! I do think she's cute! But then again, I am her mom!

Lily is also saying all sorts of words and becoming quite a copy cat! Anything we do, she'll imitate. So, now more than ever I need to be careful in what I say and do around her-especially if I don't want her to copy me! Some words she's really into right now are:
"Gargie"-garbage-she's obsessed with garbage cans and whenever we're driving somewhere, she'll get so excited when she sees a garbage can she will yell "gargie!gargie!" over and over again!
"Pumpy"-pumpkin-sounds like puppy, but it's not!
I know there are more words I just can't think of them right now! These are her top 2 though, that's for sure. We're sure having so much fun with her as her personality grows more and more each day!


Katie Willard said...

So cute! And I seriously can't believe that's Zoe either. Tara's baby girl right?!?! I haven't seen all of everyone's kids in so long, it's so weird! Does Tara have a blog? I want to see her twins too. :) Lily is so cute and grown up.

candace said...

Tyler and I were looking at blogs together and when we came to yours he said that Lily is sooooo cute:) She really is! Fun to see some random pics!

Wendy said...

Kids are grand, love the tu tu