Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I love Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart

As I posted last, it was AJ's birthday last week. We had my family and his family over that night for a little gathering of presents and cake. I love making cakes and wish I could do it more than 2 times a year (AJ's birthday and Lily's birthday) I most love when I can make them into fun shapes and decorate them. The last 3 years I have made AJ's cake into a shape. The first year was a guitar (so much fun to do!) second year was a golf ball, and last year was a tennis racket. This year I asked what he wanted and he replied "Just a round cake." Bummer. I think he might be a little old for a "shaped" cake! So, round cake it is. Well, I've got this great Betty Crocker cook book and it has a small section on tips and techniques for making/decorating cakes. It was fun to look at and very helpful!I know, nothing special. But I was quite proud of it :) I couldn't just not decorate at all! He didn't mind either!
Fun huh? I found this cool way to wrap presents in the Martha Stewart magazine. That lady has got some pretty amazing ideas. Anyway, it was fun to try it out and it makes it so the package has this nice pocket to hold a card in it! I love finding new ways to wrap things-well, when I make the time that is! Cake table LOTS of presents My husband actually asked for Fritos for his birthday. He's too cheap to buy them because he thinks they're so expensive! Whatever works though :) You can tell he's happy about it!
Some of the family: My brother Joel, his friend Katie, AJ's sister Andrea and her husband Jeff

Lily did not want her picture taken! You can tell I'm squeezing the life out of her so we can get a picture together!

Lily kept herself busy when she found some Kleenex in my mom's purse. She had the best time pulling them out one by one and ripping them. Whatever keeps her occupied!

She was so happy when people were singing "Happy Birthday" that she clapped her hands when everyone was done. It was pretty cute!

Lily helping her daddy blow out his candles!

It was a fun night of celebrating AJ and we love our very giving family! Thanks for helping us celebrate!


Family of 5 said...

Hm, I might just have to look on Martha STewart ot get some ideas...I never thought about to try sometime, maybe with some Christmas presents! Your so smart! :)

And the cake looks delicious! Your a great cook! Looks like a fun time with your fam!

Daisha said...

Cute cake and I love the wrapping job too!