Thursday, September 24, 2009

Less than 8 weeks left!!!

It feels SO good to be counting down the weeks until we get to meet our sweet baby boy! I'm so excited to see what he'll look like, if he'll have lots of dark hair like Lily did, if he'll be EARLY like Lily was, and to just hold him and smell him and kiss him! I realized I haven't posted belly pics in a little bit, so here are a couple for your viewing pleasure. (Just know that I am BIG, and I make BIG babies-or at least God makes BIG babies!)

28 weeks

32 weeks (notice my belly button is officially sticking out and has been for a while!)

I'm even more excited because we (I mean AJ) finally started painting the nursery! AJ's been busy with other home projects and I hate to be a nag to him, but the other night he got a wild hair and started painting at 8pm! He just rolled one coat on so far, but he said he'll work on it this weekend. I just wish I could help him so he doesn't have to do all the work! But, at least once he gets started he's really fast at painting, and it's not like the nursery is a giant room anyway, so it should go pretty quick. It's just funny to me that with your first kid (at least for us) Lily's room was done way before this time! We both were just anxious to get her room and crib all set up. But with the second baby, you just take your time. Funny how those things change! I'm just looking forward to cooler weather because my summer clothes are officially too small! I have lots of long sleeved shirts and sweaters that will fit, but it's too stinkin' hot to wear them! Crazy weather. Anyway, I have an ultrasound in 3 or 4 weeks to look at baby again! Can't wait to see how much bigger he is than the last time we saw him! I'm also hoping he'll be early...I know I shouldn't be thinking that because than he'll most likely be late! But, a girl can hope right?! I just know it'll all happen in God's timing!


Family of 5 said...

Aww...and the belly button appears...:) And I can't WAIT to meet the lil guy too! I love it! I agree how funny things change when the 2nd one comes, especially when we had the same gender baby so we didn't do any changes to the nursery! Poor Micah! :) He didn't know either way though! :) And don't have your baby too early we have to get to your shower first! Yah!!

girl said...

Amanda, You look ADORABLE!!!! WOW!! :) I am so excited for you and love to see the updates! Congratulations on getting the room done. I look forward to hearing your comparisons of Lily and your little boy. I am sure it will fun to see the difference of boy vs. girl and first vs. second. :)

Unknown said...

Seriously, you have the cutest belly EVER!

Palmer Family said...

Ok you look awesome!! I can't believe you have gained a pound anywhere but your cute little basketball! So excited for your little boy!