Thursday, September 3, 2009


Could my daughter be any more cuter?

Of course I never get her true smile! This was right after she got her hair cut and my hair lady wanted to make her hair all curly. I'm amazed at how still Lily sits while she gets her hair washed, cut, blow dried, and styled! But of course when I try and do that here at home, she screams. Oh well! At least it's cute for one day!


girl said...


Family of 5 said...

Like I said, you are going to have to hide her away someday! :) She's so cute! Love her to death! Maybe AJ should try doing her hair! :) Think she'd sit still for him? :)

pfnisterfam said...

Really cute! Anna's right, maye AJ should try...Hannah seems to do better for David and screams bloody murder for me!

Amber said...

She is seriously the cutest thing ever!!! Love the hair too! :)