Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life at Home

Well, we made it home! After spending 4 days in the hospital, both AJ and I were ready to come home with our son! We were especially ready for Lily to meet her new brother! She was so excited to meet him and was quite giddy. Here's some pictures of when she first saw him:Seeing Jameson for the first time
Running over to give him a kiss-so sweet!
She wanted to hold him immediately and of course give him lots of kisses!
Such a proud big sister!
And some more pictures of us in the hospital:

Love snuggling with him!
Daddy and his boy
Jameson hated the little crib thing in our room, so he slept with me every night! I really did try putting him in the crib after I fed him, but he'd wake up right away. At that point, I just gave up and really wanted my sleep so I let him sleep with me! It was fun!
Heading home!So tiny!Me and my kids!! (so weird to say that!)Daddy and his kids
First bath at home and he hated it!Look at that pouty lip!I know it looks like he's sleeping, but he's not! Just happened to be calm at that moment!

Sleeping...this is all he does-well, during the day at least. He's up all night!

Yes, I know, I look a bit tired :)
We are all doing great and adjusting quite nicely. Lily has only poked Jameson's eye once! She loves giving him kisses and hugs. I definitely don't trust her with him, so it will be interesting when it is just me and the kids at home...I'll have to keep an eye on her at all times! I'm still feeling quite sore from the c-section, but I've been so blessed with my mom and mother-in-law and the rest of my family coming over to help clean, cook dinner, and take care of Lily! I've got the best family ever! Jameson is nursing like a champ which is great. He sleeps ALL DAY LONG. I have a hard enough time waking him up during the day to eat! Which means he's usually up lots during the night because of this. I'm hoping we can break him of this sooner than later! But, I'll enjoy the cuddle time I have with him while he's still so little! We are so blessed with this new addition to the family! God is good!


mama miller said...

Yay!! Sounds like everything is going so great! I am excited to meet that little man :) But want it to be when it's a good time for you guys. I love the pics of Lily holding him, what a great big sis!

Family of 5 said...

OH those pics got me all teary eyed! I love that lil guy he is super sweet and cuddly! I know that will change so savor those moments you do get the time to cuddle! And Lily you are an amazing big sister! I love how PROUD she is of him!

Erin said...

You really do have the best family ever! Congratulations on your sweet boy! By the way, I'm lov'n the curly hair! Keep it up - it's cute! :)

Brittany said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Lily looks like she is going to be a great big sis!!