Monday, January 11, 2010

2 Months!!

Jameson is 2 months old today!! Time is going so fast-and I know I'll be saying that with each month too! He is SO big and keeps growing like a weed! We go tomorrow for his 2 month check-up so I'll be sure to update you all on his weight and height. Things he is doing at 2 months:
*Holds his head up really well!
*Still has that beautiful red hair! I really hope it stays!
*Sleeping so wonderfully at night now! Yahoo! There have been many times where I've gotten a 6 hour stretch-I honestly feel like a new woman when I wake up!
*I still have to wake him up during the day to feed him. There have been times where he has woken up, but it's mainly me reminding him that it's time to eat. I think since I've been waking him to eat, it has helped him go longer at nights.
*Still in 3-6 month clothes, but is slowly moving his way out of those. In fact, I was just putting away his smaller clothes and happened to be looking ahead at bigger clothes. A lot of them look like he can wear them now!
*Smiling ALL the time! It's so fun to see his personality come out a bit. He loves to lay on the floor and look at this butterfly toy that sits above his head and he just talks while looking at it. It's adorable!
*Lily still loves her brother-most of the time! She definitely tests us to see if she'll get in trouble for loving on him "too hard!" But she is sweet to him 90% of the time!

He has such cute outfits that I have to take a picture of him in them! His face isn't the greatest in this one, but he looks like a little man!

Another outfit-I loved his guitar overalls! And I think he looks so much like my brother-it's so weird!

And this was his Christmas outfit-love the little smirk on his face!

Not the greatest picture of these two, but I had to take one of them in their shirts! Lily's says "Big sisters are the coolest" and Jameson's says "I'm the little brother."

Jameson has been finding his thumb's cute now but I hope he doesn't get attached to it later in life! He still takes the binky great-so hope we can just use that as necessary. But I just loved how he fell asleep on AJ sucking his thumb!

Finally caught a good smile on camera!!!

And I had to take a picture of his little buns with this monkey face on them!

Looking at his new toy-and looking cross eyed too!

Smiling at his mama!


girl said...

He is adorable, Amanda, and I am so happy for you! I didn't know he was a red head too. How fun!