Monday, January 18, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

Back in October, Lily went to her very good friend's house for her 3rd birthday. All the girls that came wore princess dresses and played and had lunch. It's so fun that she's old enough to be a part of these little parties! Anyway, my bad for not blogging about it sooner-can I still play the "I was pregnant" card?! :) Cute princesses! The birthday girl, Zoe, is the one with the crown, Lily in the back and Hailey up front. All the girls blowing bubbles! And 3 of them are Snow White-not planned! I love this picture even if they aren't all looking at me! It just cracked me up that these girls still wanted to play on the swing set in their little dress up clothes! Being a girl is fun!

And, some random pictures that I never posted all from Thanksgiving!

You can tell AJ LOVES his son!

AJ's aunt Chisako looking at a peaceful, sleeping Jameson

Had to get a close up of his shirt!

Lily and AJ playing some foos ball (Did I spell that right?!)

And remember when....

I was HUGE?!! This was taken the night before I went in to have my c-section! As much as I loved being pregnant, I'm really glad I'm not anymore! It's way more fun having Jameson to hold in my arms instead of in my giant belly!!


Wendy said...

Seriously WOW! You were big. Lookin' great now - loved the look on Sunday by the way!

Family of 5 said...

Such cute lil princesses! I can't wait for Cami to be able to go to girly parties! :) And wow thte side view you were all BABY girl! And looked great prego...and look great now!

girl said...

Fun fun fun!! I love all the little princesses! :) I agree with Anna's statement and can't wait for Ellie to be able to to go girl-y parties. So much fun!