Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Festivities (part 2)

Christmas morning we woke up and had Lily open her presents from us. We kinda talked about Santa this year, but she just wasn't into it-she wouldn't even sit on his lap when we visited him! Maybe next year Santa will be a hit!Before opening presents AJ read the story of Jesus' birth out of the Bible. She listened ok and then ran to grab her picture Bible to follow along with what AJ read. It was pretty cute. She only lasted about 5 minutes though! We will do this every year too!
In matching jammies! They (well, Lily only) opened hers on Christmas Eve. I had this tradition growing up and will do it with my kids too! It's so fun!
Jameson with his stocking (And AJ is the one who taped his name on it! By next year his name will be embroidered on it!)
"Yay I got tape!" This girl is obsessed with tape! So I thought why not give her some tape of her own to play with instead of taking all of mine! She was thrilled!

After presents at our house we headed over to my parent's house and had Christmas there...with MORE presents! We were spoiled!!I was excited about my new Starbucks cup from my brother!I was a bit scared she'd throw him to the ground during this picture-but she did ok!And Jameson got presents too-this one with an ornament of his face to put on our tree-so fun!Looking stylish in a new shirt from AJ and I-it says "I'm bring chubby back!" He really is a chubby boy too!Lily playing with a new doll from my parentsAnd having a little birthday party for Jesus! Here she is singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. After my parent's house we headed over to my aunt's house for MORE presents and family! A crazy, fun filled day!

Just some of my huge family!I love this picture-my mom, grandma, and aunt oohing over Jameson-and you can tell he's loving it too!He slept most of the time! him! What a great Christmas we had! And we're SO lucky to have BOTH families live close to us that we can spend so much time with them and not have to travel far to see them!

Just a video of my silly brother. Lily had gotten this elmo piano book and my brother was playing with it more than she was! Anyway, here he is singing along to the words in the book (and being really funny while doing it!) You all (my 5 readers!) probably won't find it as funny as we did! Oh well! And the REALLY loud laughing at the end is my husband :)


Family of 5 said...

Wonderful Christmas! And LOL funny about Joel playing the song and talented!

Cathy said...

Love the jammies! (We do that too!)

Love the tape idea! (I should have done that!)

Love the "I'm bringing chubby back"! (But thanks, cause I just hear Justin Timberlake in my head.:))

LOVE the Starbucks cup! (I have the same one and I'm OBSESSED with it and never leave home without it!)

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

I live your Christmas pictures! So cute! I Luke your new family picture at the top too. It looks like you are all doing well. The website I ordered my book through is Bolg2Print. Google it, because I can't remember the exact URL. I paid $60 for a 8 1/2 x 11 hardbound book. I had heard you could make them into books ad I looked around and this one was the fastest, cheapest and easiest to do. It's like $24 for 20 pages (I think) and then only .34 per page after that. I figured it's cheaper than printing photos and scrapbooking! It was one if my Christmas presents. I haven't gotten it back yet, so we'll see if it's nice! But I figured it's 3 years worth of text and pictures, can't beat that!