Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Hunt!

This was Lily's first year at our church's Easter egg hunt! Even though it was wet, windy, and rainy she still had a great time (mostly)!They had 3 areas roped off for different age groups-this was before the chaos of the kids! All smiles before she starts on her hunt! And it was FREEZING out too!With her buddies, Josiah and MicahAnd they're off!After about 2 minutes she just stopped where she was. We kept yelling at her and pointing at eggs for her to pick up-but she just stood there!!And this is how much she picked up! I guess she didn't want to grab all of the ones she could! Maybe it was too cold and wet for her? Really, I'm happy she didn't get more because than that would mean more candy that she'd keep asking for over and over to eat! The church provided coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts for everyone after the hunt was over. I think this was her favorite part :)

And Jameson getting in on the egg action! Crazy to think that next year he'll be old enough to hunt for his own eggs!!!


Erin said...

It's so funny how competitive parents are about that stuff! I remember trying to get Avery to get more eggs when she was little and she just didn't pick them up fast enough for my approval! This year was a big one for us - Avery moved up to the oldest age group!! I just couldn't believe it. We've been there just about every year and now we're at "the top." Glad Lily had fun - you'll be amazed how she changes as she gets older!

Family of 5 said...

I loved watching them do this...especially Lily...she just FROZE and quit picking them up...priceless! :) Your right abouot not having very much candy...Cami keeps asking for her "bucket"! I am tossing the candy! For her sake and mine !:) hehe!