Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip

During the week of Easter, the kids and I took a road trip with my dad to Washington to see family! It was great timing since AJ would be busy every night with Easter rehearsals at church. Most of my family (Dad's side) hadn't yet seen Jameson, so it was the perfect opportunity to drive up there in my dad's sweet van! Lily was really loving the built-in DVD player! She wouldn't even take her eyes off of the screen to look at me for the picture! She was a pretty good traveler too. She never did nap though! Both my dad and I were wanting some peace and quiet : ) But, all in all she and Jameson did great! We only stopped 1 time for lunch and to feed the baby (pretty good for a 4 hour drive!) Once we got there we met up with lots of family and headed out to eat. My cousin Rachel's daughter, Janee', was there and Lily LOVED her-she was her new best friend! Lily wanted to follow Janee' around everywhere she went. They even sat together at dinner! We actually had to wait quite a while to get seated, and Janee' was loving on Lily and paying attention to her. Without Janee' there, it would have been awful for Lily!The two cute girls. I think Janee' is 8...I forgot! Sorry if I'm wrong!L to R: My Aunt Carolyn, cousin Rachel, my Aunt Dorothy (Rachel's mom), and my Grandma Virginia (Dad's mom).L to R: My dad, Grandpa and Grandma (my mom's mom)-and loving on Jameson!Sitting together at dinner. Janee' loved Jameson too!After dinner we went to the hotel and got settled. It was late for Lily and I was rushing to get her ready for bed and settled before I could feed Jameson. So, I just put him on the bed while I was dealing with Lily and he was just crying and crying-it broke my heart! He finally just wore himself out and fell asleep! Poor little guy! And when I say crying it was more like whimpering. This sweet boy doesn't get into loud crying very often! Anyway, the rest of the trip was spent visiting, going for a walk around the nice neighborhood, and I even got out all by myself to go shopping while my Grandma and Grandpa watched both kids (since my dad was working)! It was awesome!My Grandma loving on Jameson!

Grandma and her great-grand babies!

All of us together

My other Grandma (my mom's mom) and Grandpa and their great-grand babies!

We had a great time and loved catching up and being with family! The trip went by quickly and before we knew it we were on the road again! The way home took us a bit longer-like 6 1/2 hours! Stopping for lunch took a while, especially because I had to feed the baby and then Jameson decided he was hungry when we were an hour from home! Oh well. Thanks dad for everything, especially for putting up with my crazy kids-and of course for putting up with me :) We had so much fun!


Connie said...

I have a feeling your Dad had a great time and was so happy to have you and your sweeties want to come along and keep him company! Glad you got to go!

Wendy said...

fun trip - way to go. It's always a little harder without dad along to help out, although grandpas are pretty great too.

Family of 5 said...

So glad you got to have a short trip with your dad! What sweet memories...and I'm sure the Great's were so excited to see you all! :)