Friday, January 7, 2011


Here's a little video of Jameson walking! He is so picky about walking these days and will only do it on his terms. He does it more and more often each day, but is still a bit wobbly! And I think he prefers crawling because he gets around faster! But, at least he's doing it! Woohoo!

I am finally getting his cupcake video up! And, in my defense, I didn't realize how far away I had set his cupcake from him! From the angle I was at, I didn't see how far he had to reach to eat it! Oops! He did a great job eating it though! :) And I love all the flashes of cameras and the laughter in the background! So fun :)


paulashley said...

i love it!!!

Kristi said...

that cupcake video is hilarious. I love that he didn't use his hands. Nate and I were laughing out loud! :-)