Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

A few weeks ago, our family, my sister and her family, and some friends from church braved the weather to go to the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, by the time we went the rain had stopped and it was quite warm! Was just the perfect weather for us!
 I love this picture. Jameson was looking at something on the other side of this truck, and instead of going around the cardboard truck cut out, he just leaned in the he was talking to someone! At least that's how it looked to me :)
 Leandra and sweet baby Owen!
 Lily LOVES riding horses!
 Sisters with our boys . . . if you look closely you can see Colby's face!
 Yes, that's my adult husband riding on the horse that were for kids only! When he asked to ride them, they did have an adult horse for him to ride. He loved it.
 Sadly, this is our first family photo of the 5 of us and you can't even see Colby's face!
 Tractor riding

I love that Jameson is looking at AJ like, "what?!"
 Had to take a picture with Colby and this cow because they share the same birthday!
 See? :)
 Um....So, there was face painting there. And I saw they had a sheet of paper with little pictures the kids could choose from. Unfortunately, I was too busy talking to pay any attention to what was happening to Lily's face. When she turned around I gasped, and tried to not make a big deal of it! I asked her what she said to the gal drawing on her face and Lily said, "I told her I wanted to be a zebra." Doesn't look like a zebra to me! That poor girl probably had no idea what to draw for a zebra since it wasn't on their little color sheet. I gotta give her credit for trying though! And yes, I was a bit embarrassed to be seen with Lily :) It's kinda shocking don't you think?!
 All the kiddos!
 Jameson loves tractors!
 And since we couldn't see Colby's face in the pumpkin patch pictures, here he is! I was trying to take a picture of his little brother shirt and trying to make him smile all at the same time.
 Almost a smile! You can see a little bit of his cute dimples!
There's a smile! He has smiled bigger ones but they are hard to get on camera! Mainly because I never have my camera around when he smiles! Love that boy!