Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lily’s Last Day of School!

Man, how fast time flies! I can’t believe we are just 5 weeks away from school starting where I will have a first grader!!! Lily had such a great kindergarten year too! I’m so thankful for her teacher and that it was an easy transition from having her home all day to having her in school half of a day. God really prepared me and gave us a great first year of school-for which I am extremely grateful! On Lily’s last day (well, second to last day) her class put on a little program for the parents. They sang some songs, recited some poems they had learned, and showed us all of the work they did over the year.


Lining up to go on stage.


I hate that it’s blurry, but I love her little half smirk/half smile here!


Her Kindergarten class.


She would not look at us once the program started. She was very focused!


This is what she called their “puppet show!”


Her amazing teacher, Mrs. Pfau, and her wonderful aid, Ms. Kyle.

I’m so proud of Lily and all that she accomplished in her kindergarten year. She told me at the beginning of the year (and really, last summer!) that she couldn’t wait to learn to read. And, I’m happy to say, that came true! She got to a reading level of F (started at reading level A at the beginning, so just shows she is a hard worker!) and is already reading at 1st grade level. She had homework of learning sight words and she worked her way up of learning first grade sight words and was onto second grade right before school got out! Her teacher said Lily was always kind to kids and was a great student and really focused and paid attention. Makes my mama’s heart feel soo good! Even if she can be difficult at home at times, I’m just thankful she is showing that she is loving and respectful in public! I’m so proud of our Lily Mae!!!

614374_4651216957587_370479088_o (1)

Look how much she has grown in a year!!! Her face looks so much older now. Sigh. Time is going too quickly!!!