Friday, January 25, 2008


HI all. Not much to say, but I've got some pictures
to show you! They're all kinda random, but fun to look at. AJ just left for Men's Retreat-it's very sad! At least he'll be back tomorrow evening. Tomorrow afternoon we drive to Portland to see my cousin Chris who is home from Iraq for a couple weeks. I'm looking forward to it! Plus, it'll keep me busy while AJ is gone. But I'm also excited because I rented 3 girl movies that I can't wait to watch, since AJ will be gone and all! AND...the best news of all...Lily said her first words yesterday!! I got it on video tape! She says "Hi kitty" when she sees our cat Belle. It was so cute. She doesn't say it often, but has definately mastered the 'hi' part. She can also say 'baby'-referring to her doll. It's so fun! She's becoming quite the little talker!

Acker Fam