Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's been too long!

Hello my friends and family. I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted-sorry about that. Life is just crazy busy, plus this is AJ's work computer, so I've got to be tricky in finding time to be on here when he's not!

We took a last minute trip to our beach house last Monday-Wednesday. It was a much needed break away from the normal, everyday routines. We basically just relaxed and hung out. Went to the outlets for a bit, but didn't buy anything. Of course it's cause AJ was with me :) Really though, the only thing I wanted to buy was a little valentine's day shirt for Lily, but it wasn't on sale so I passed. I'll just have to go shopping at Women's Retreat in 2 months! Heehee! AJ took Charlie to the beach and threw the ball around for him. And while Lily did her napping I was able to scrapbook! My goal is to get caught up with her first year of life by her first birthday. What a job that is! But I got lots done...and still lots more to do! I can't imagine trying to do this with more than one baby! We'll just see how long it lasts!

Life is busy with AJ preparing for Men's Retreat this next weekend. He'll be leading music up there and has lots to do to get ready. But he loves it and spends most of his spare time (which isn't much!) on it. He's a busy guy! But again, loves doing it. The good thing about him being our 'worship leader' is he has to come back late sat. night from Men's retreat so he can lead worship at our church on Sunday. Which is even great for me! I hate it when he leaves, but I can definately handle one night. At least Lily's here to keep me company so I won't be scared at night-yes, I know I'm a wimp! I'm hoping to use the time he's away to rent 'chick flicks' and do our annual mother/daughter/friend dinner (meaning Acker girls and Uram girls) We've just got one little baby to add to the mix. Too fun!

Well, dinner is ready, laundry is done, and Lily is crying. Music to my ears-just kidding! Here I come to the rescue!! :) love you all!

Acker Fam

By the way, our picture thingy is broken so I can't post pictures on this blog! I've got some cute ones too! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon so you can see some fun ones of Lily and her spaghetti face!