Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is in the AIR!

I LOVE Fall! I think it has to be my favorite season. There's just something about seeing all the changes in the weather, the trees and the leaves turning different colors. God sure knew what He was doing when He created this world! I love the Fall to wear sweaters and jeans, go to high school football games (well, that was easier before we had Lily!) drink apple cider or hot chocolate, snuggle by our wood stove and decorating for Fall!

This is just the mantle. I've got other decorations around our family room and living room but didn't want to bore you with all those pictures! So you just get one :) Homemade apple crisp that I made with apples from our apple trees out back! It was so fun to go picking which apples I wanted. I definitely felt like a country girl!

Our beautiful little tree in our front yard. I just love the colors of the leaves right now. This was taken a few days ago and today I noticed a ton of leaves already have fallen on our grass! That's the part I don't like-raking the fallen leaves!

I know corn is more of a summer thing, but my mom brought us some fresh corn from the farmers market so we cooked it up that night. Lily wanted to eat it off the cob instead of us shredding it off and letting her feed herself. And of course AJ had this grand idea to eat at the same time with her! It was funny and made for a good picture opportunity :)

Those are a few of my favorite Fall things....what are yours?


Amber said...

I am SO with you! Fall is my favorite too...I LOVE it! I have already pulled out all my sweaters (even though its not that cold out yet!) and put all my outside and inside decorations out! Have my pumpkin spice candles going all the time now! Drinking my apple cider and even making chili on the crock pot today! I need to start my baking now too! :) We were on our way to the Pumpkin patch today when it started poring so decided to wait! And cant forget the football...I actually love the Sundays that it rains and watching football with some warm comfort food and apple cider!! Can you tell I LOVE FALL!?! haha! :)

Family of 5 said...

I enjoy the fall too...I just wish and hope it won't rain too much! I love the CRISP cold days and the leaves falling and then going out on a walk all bundled up and seeing the kids' noses and cheeks get rosy! :) Hmmm...and that apple crisp looks yummy! ;) And pumpkin treats...oh I love those too! :) Especially since every birthday since it's at Thanksgiving time my bday cake is Pumpkin pie! :) Who needs cake when you can pumpkin pie! Happy Fall to you!

Wendy said...

Fall may be my favorite season as well. I love the way the air feels and the colors and sweaters and all the fun fall holidays. I love decorating for fall and that it gets to stay up for so long. Now if I could just learn to make pie i'd be set.

pfnisterfam said...

Fun to decorate for fall! I need to get on that soon. Fall is one of my favorite too - the sweatshirts and jeans, bundling up, etc...just wish there wasn't so much rain. Cute pic of AJ and Lily eating the corn!