Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lily's new favorite thing is Cheerios. This girl is so picky with food, whenever she wants some I gladly give them to her! It's pretty much the only thing she'll eat for breakfast-and she likes it dry, just in a little cup. Weird. Her other favorite thing to do with them is pour them into other containers. She loves sorting them out and putting them in her dish, or cup, or even my candle holder!

Here she is focusing hard on pouring them from her cup into the votive holder.

She was so happy that she's holding them up for me to see (I just accidentally cut that part off!)

And then this is what usually happens by the time she's bored eating and sorting them....all over my floor! But she's good about helping me pick them up! The things she finds for entertainment! Who needs toys when you have cups and cheerios?!


Family of 5 said...

Love those yummy Cheerios...thank goodness for them too! What would we do without them! :) It is funny how kids don't play with all their toys but yet everything else is much more fun that aren't toys...she was funny because when she was over yesterday she would go hide in the pantry and shut the door with her doll and blankie and hide...and say, "Micah!" It was cutE! :)

candace said...

That is great that she helps you pick them up!!:) She is so cute Amanda:) I love how they get so interested in something that is really not fun...especially when it entertains them for a while!!