Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary?!

Two weeks ago on Thursday, AJ and I celebrated being married for 9 years!!!! I love that man SO much!!! My awesome dad got us a room at a Marriott in downtown Portland and we had a whole 30 hours to ourselves! We dropped the kids off at my parents at 12:30 in the afternoon on Thursday afternoon and headed out! Our first stop was Bridgeport to do some window shopping, eat some appetizers at PF Changs, and hang out! We then drove to our beautiful hotel where we dropped off our luggage and freshened up. Our next stop was to a fun restaurant some friends of ours had told us to go to. It's called Screen Door. A cute, little place with a "southern" feel. Here's our yummy food! And yes, I'm one of those people that like to take pictures of our food!
 AJ's giant plate of food!
 And my giant plate of food-yum!
 After dinner we headed to a theatre to see a movie. After about 30 minutes of watching, I received a call from my mom. Long story: A few weeks ago Jameson fell off his scooter on our back patio and scraped his pinkie toe. The fall broke the skin and bled a teeny bit. He was fine after 5 minutes. Fast forward to a few days before our anniversary trip: He would say "ow" when we put shoes on him. I thought nothing of it, just that his owie was still healing. Plus, once his shoes were on he acted totally normal. Well, the day we drop him off with my parents both AJ and I noticed his pinkie toe was more red than usual. AJ even said, "I wonder if that's starting to get infected?" When we dropped the kids off, we noticed Jameson was limping on his foot. So, we took his shoes off and thought maybe the shoe was bothering his toe! We told my parents about it, they said they would soak it in Epsom salt and just watch it. My dad also said he'd look and see if a red line would appear on his foot throughout their time with Jameson. I decided to leave their insurance cards just.in.case. Now, back to the phone call in the movie theatre from my mom. At this point it was 8pm. She said Jameson had a high fever, a red line had appeared on his foot (meaning, infection in the blood stream!) and the on call doctor told them to take him to the ER. Awesome. I immediately said, "We're coming home!" She said not to just yet. Maybe they'd give him some meds and send them home. We just said we'd stay in touch. Of course I go back to the movie, tell AJ about it, and proceed to feel antsy and ready to leave! After about a half hour of going crazy, I call my dad back. He said the ER Dr. had just come in and said they were going to give Jameson an IV of meds. At that point, we headed out! We ended up leaving our stuff in our hotel room because we were further south at the movie theatre, which meant closer to Salem, and our hotel was clear in downtown Portland. We only saw the hotel room for about 5 minutes. It was beautiful though! We booked it to Salem, or tried to, but got stuck in road construction traffic for 30 minutes! I was going crazy!!!! We finally made it to the ER at about 10pm.
 Here is my sweet boy hanging out in the ER bed. He was given that stuffed toy and loved it. His cheeks are SO red because he was burning up!!! I've never felt him have such a high fever before.
 His wrapped, infected foot. His toe was SO red and there was a huge, thick, red mark across the top of his foot and starting to go up his ankle. The nurses and ER Dr. were thinking it was not only a staph infection but possibly MRSA-which can be extremely dangerous-like, amputating the toe!!!! Unbelievable. Before we got to the ER, the nurses tried 3 TIMES to put an IV in his arms. I was thankful to have missed that part as I hate to see my baby in so much pain! My poor parents :( They are such troopers!!! They couldn't get an IV in and the Dr. wanted him admitted to the pediatric unit to give him meds and watch his foot to make sure it wasn't spreading even worse. First, they had to put 2 shots in his toe to numb it, then they had to lance it so they could get blood/puss out to test it for MRSA. I left the room for that part. But heard Jameson screaming in pain down the hall. Worst moment ever!! Finally, they are all done and we go up to the Peds floor. After getting situated a bit, the nurses up there have to try again to put an IV since they couldn't do it in the ER. This time it was just AJ and I as it was about 12:30 am. So they "burrito wrap" him-meaning, wrap his whole body in a blanket, minus the arm they are working on, so he won't flail about. AJ and I are right there trying to calm him, but of course it's not working. He's screaming and crying in pain and yelling, "Hold you mommy!" Oh my word. I was bawling like a baby. Of course I wanted to hold him but couldn't! I hated seeing him in so much pain!!! They also tried 3 TIMES!!! Finally, it worked on the third time on the top of his hand. This whole process took about 40 minutes. Jameson finally went to bed at 1:30 am. I didn't sleep much as my mind was reeling over the past few hours of what had happened. Plus, the nurses kept coming in and that woke me up.
Here's his little jail crib! He was fast asleep thankfully. His arm was all wrapped up from where the IV was so he wouldn't bother it. The next morning he was a new boy. Still tired, but we could tell he was already doing better after getting some meds. He was mastering potty training before this whole ordeal, but STILL went potty there! I was amazed. And he was attached to the IV pole so whenever he moved around or went potty, the IV pole came with us! We ended up being in the hospital for 2 nights. The day we got discharged he was so ready to come home-as we were too!
 This was the morning we left. He loved playing with those toys. Thankfully, we were home by noon that day!
 My parents, in-laws, sister, a few friends from church all came to visit. It was so nice seeing people from the outside! Big sister Lily was helping Jameson brush his teeth with his new "piderman" toothbrush. He can't say "s" very well! So cute.
 Hanging with daddy before we were sent home!
This hospital visit was definitely the most scariest moment of my life as a mom so far. And I'm sure there will be more to come! I'm SO thankful my parents were with the kids as they knew what to look for and do. Of course I'd like to say we'd have done the same thing, but we didn't know to look for a red mark! Now we do! I'm thankful for the nurses, doctors and hospitals who have the means to help Jameson. And I'm MOST thankful God protected my sweet boy and got us through this! I'm SO thankful he still has his pinkie toe, he never did have MRSA, just a plain 'ol staph infection (I say "just" in a joking matter!) and that after a week of antibiotics he is completely normal!
 This was the night we got home from the hospital. Just wanted to prove he really was feeling good! Here he is feeling baby brother kick and bending over to kiss him. So sweet!
See? All smiles from him!!! Thank you LORD!!!!
Pretty sure this was an anniversary AJ and I will ALWAYS remember!


Jocelyn said...

Oh my! What an ordeal! I'm so glad he's doing better. Poor guy. I hope it hasn't spooked you about trying to get away for alone time again, because after all that, you might need a getaway.

Family of 5 said...

that'll be an anniversary trip never to forget!! So thankful God protected sweet lil man!! NExt year you can make a big celebration for your 10 year!:)

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