Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lily Mae

It's been a while since I've written just about my sweet girl, Lily, so thought I'd share some fun pictures of her!

First of all, I can't believe she will be starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks!!!!! Do I really have a child old enough to go to school?! And I know once that starts, the time is really going to fly by! She is so excited and so ready to start school. I feel the same thing :) As much as I will miss her, she just gets so bored at home, especially when Jameson naps and I want to nap too :) And she is one smart cookie. I think she'll do great in school and love it! At least, that's my hope for her! She picked out a pink Hello Kitty backpack that is way too big for her! But she's adorable. She's got her first week of new clothes already picked out. And she has all her school supplies in her backpack ready to take to school.
 I was waiting for the day when Jameson would allow Lily to dress him up :) Pretty sure he'll hate this picture when he's older!!
 Roasting 'mallows!
 She LOVES her cousin Owen!
 Lily is into horses lately and has actually said she wants a horse of her very own. Wow. Since that will never happen, I called up my Aunt Tammy who lives 15 minutes away from us and said, "Can Lily come ride your horses?!" She said yes! So off we went. Lily loved brushing the horse, riding it, and wasn't afraid at all!
 She looks like a pro!
 It looks like she's riding all by herself, but my Aunt Tammy is just ahead of her. But, Lily took charge of that horse and guided her! She did a great job!!!
And she is officially grown up now having lost 2 teeth! The first tooth came out as she was eating apples and she swallowed it. Yikes. The second tooth was super loose and I pulled it out for her! Gave me the heebie jeebies! Such an old girl!
Here is a little video of Lily trotting with the horse! She loved it and was giggling so hard!!
The saddest part of her starting school, is that I will miss her first day and most of her first week of school!!! I'll have the baby on a Monday, and Lily goes to school the very next day. So sad for me. But that's the way the timing all worked out. Thankfully, AJ will take her the first day of school and my parents will do the rest of the week. I will just have to live through the pictures and video I make AJ take :)


Daisha said...

Cute girl! I missed Macie's first day of kindergarten too!